NAMM 2018: Allen & Heath Xone DJBooth Walkthrough

The last new video from NAMM 2018 showing the A&H Xone DJ Booth Walkthrough.

 We have a few extra videos from the NAMM 2018 show last month that we still wanted to show you. We were at the Allen & Heath DJ booth when we saw the classic XONE:92, DB2, DB4, PX5, 43C, 43, 23C, 23, and a bunch of Novation and K2 controllers all on display for everyone to rock with. Check out the full video below for the walkthrough of the booth as it was for NAMM 2018. 

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NAMM 2014: Allen & Heath Xone:23 Mixer [Video]

Allen & Heath have been pretty quiet in the DJ-space since releasing the DB2 and DB4 mixers, but they've since announced a brand new two channel mixer for this year's 2014 NAMM show. The A&H Xone:23 Mixer is the new update to the beloved Xone:22, with a new look and style to match the DB mixers and including some updates to appease the masses. The Xone:23 comes with a new analogue Voltage Control Filter (VCF) system for Low/High-Pass filters, frequency sweep and resonance control.


NAMM 2011 - Allen & Heath Xone DB4 and iLive Mixpad App

Allen & Heath were on hand at the 2011 NAMM show and brought us a few new pieces of DJ gear. First up is the all new Allen & Heath Xone DB4 high performance digital mixer. This mixer has a Quad-FX core, multi-channel USB audio, analog and digital ins and outs, and some serious looping functions. Allen & Heath also brought out their iLive mixpad App for the apple iPAD which will allow users to control the iLive digital mixing system. The iLive Mixpad connects to an iLive Mixrack via a wireless network and allows the DJ to control live mixing, channel faders, DCA faders, mutes, image controls, aux sends, EQ's, and much more. Details, Pics, and press releases inside.