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NAMM 2018 Recap: Pioneer DJ & Gemini Walkthrough (Rekordbox Lyric, Vintage Gear, & More!)

More Videos from NAMM 2018 showing the Pioneer DJ Booth Walkthrough.
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NAMM 2018 PioneerBooth

We have a few extra videos from the NAMM 2018 show last month that we still wanted to show you!

We were at the Pioneer DJ booth when we saw DJ Puffy cutting it up on the turntables and we also saw the new Pioneer Rekordbox Lyric software, the DDJ-1000 controller, and all the other DJ goodness that Pioneer has in their catalog. 

At the Gemini DJ booth we saw the new PMX-10 and PMX-20 Mixers, as well as a brand new controller. Gemini also had a sick classic gear wall, including lots of pieces that I owned during my own DJ career. They had the DJ Jazzy Jeff mixer along with older PMX mixers and even BD and XL series turntables.



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Check out the full videos below for the walkthroughs of the booths as it was for NAMM 2018.  

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