Native Instruments Traktor Audio 10 Interface Review



We've recently had the opportunity to review the entire Traktor Scratch Pro 2 setup including the software and the hardware interface. We've decided to also bring you separate hardware and software written reviews to hold you down until the Full Video review is released on Monday morning. For now, check out our Native Instruments Traktor Audio 10 DJ Interface short written review.

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TRAKTOR AUDIO 10 DJ is the successor of AUDIO 8 DJ, and now comes with enhanced connectivity, better sound quality, four decks of inputs/outputs and a MIDI connection for other devices. The four decks can all be toggled to support any combination of vinyl Phono turntables or CD Line playback devices.

The audio 10 claims to have a new processor for better performance and lower latency, but I was unable to discern the difference between the audio 4 and audio 10 in terms of processing power. I was very happy to see that the Native Instruments interfaces no longer need those proprietary multicore cables as you can now connect simple RCA connectors directly into the Audio 10 interface making the setup a lot easier.

The Audio 10 can also run in direct-through mode when not connected to a computer, this way DJ’s can still play music through it even when there is no software present. The Audio 10 now has very clear LED readouts that allow users to know what each input and output is doing right at a glance. The audio control panel for the Audio 10 is located within the software, making it easy to configure the inputs/outputs of the soundcard.



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The Sound quality of the Audio 10 is great. It boasts a high-quality 24-bit and 96kHz Cirrus Logic AD/DA converters for studio grade quality. I would say that the Sound Quality of the Audio 10 is slightly better than last generations’ Audio 4 and Audio 8 interfaces. It was very hard for me to hear the difference between the two as I had to switch back and forth between the Audio 10 and Audio 4 in order to actually hear a very tiny difference. If you are using an Audio 8 or Audio 4 and you are looking to upgrade merely for sound quality, then you may find that the price of the Audio 10 isnt worth the slight improvement in sound. The Audio 8 and Audio 4 interfaces already sound great and the Audio 6 and Audio 10 will only prove to have very minor upgrades to the sound quality.

Conclusion / Recommended For

The Traktor Scratch Pro 2 software and Hardware both have much needed upgrades that ties in with today’s popular 4-deck mixing style and allow users to switch between setups on the fly. For the Audio 10, the sound quality has been slightly improved and the additional MIDI input/output along with the MAIN input/output RCA connections open up the door to many more mixing possibilities. The Main inputs/output can be used for the new loop recorder and playback, or simply as a Master Output.

You can now run a total of 4 analog turntables directly through the Audio 10. Each of the four deck inputs can now be controlled through the software to switch between vinyl or line level inputs depending on if you are using a CD deck or a vinyl turntable. The Audio 10 can also route outputs to four different decks making it the ideal soundcard for DJ’s who want to use a controller like the Denon DN-MC6000 or Numark NS6 along with two other external decks allowing for 4-full decks of control. The Audio 10 is built with a mostly metal construction and will last for years to come.

The Audio 10 is very versatile and can also be used with any other DJ software on the market today. The only MINOR gripe that I can find with the TSP2 system is the lack of an additional USB connection so that two computers can connect to the system. This feature would make it easy to switch between DJ setups for club installations or for DJ’s who want to battle it out using two separate libraries of music.


  • Four Decks of either Line or Phono Connectivity
  • Solid Build Quality
  • Lots of inputs and outputs (MIDI, Master, Headphones, etc…)
  • Good Price when compared to competition
  • Simplified RCA Cable connection (no more dongle cables needed)


  • Lack of additional USB port for true 2-computer connectivity



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