NEW Denon DN-HS5500 Debut at DJ Expo 2007


Hello everyone! There is a new product coming out by Denon which is a tabletop (hard drive) MP3 player with the layout and controls of the Denon S3500. All we have so far is some youtube videos and a couple of spy pictures. I am sure this thing is going to be a beast when they finally give the official press release sometime in November. Until then, Enjoy the spy-pic!

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Plethora of new Denon Products Announced at the 2010 DJ Expo

With the crew representin' at the 2010 DJ Expo of Atlantic City this week, we are bringing you a quick feature of some new Denon Products that we will show you better looks at on next week's DJ Expo Video coverage! For now, here are a few press releases and photos of the new DN-X600 (2-channel mixer), DN-SC2000 (Single MIDI Controller), and the DN-MC6000 (4-Deck MIDI Controller).