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Numark 4TRAK Traktor DJ Controller Review

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The new Numark 4Trak digital DJ controller is a heavy-duty and full-featured DJ controller that comes with the new Traktor 2 software and provides four decks of digital control. The 4TRAK is basically the Traktor edition of the super-popular Numark NS6 Serato Itch controller that was released last year. Numark is now giving Traktor users a reason to jump for joy as this is truly one of the absolute BEST Traktor controllers on the market today. Check out my full HD-Video review to see why.

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Setup & First Impressions

The Numark 4TRAK Digital DJ Controller is a complete (and top of the line) Professional DJ solution with four decks of control and four channels of mixing right at your disposal. The 4TRAK is built with an all-metal chassis and will easily be able to withstand the harshest of environments for mobile DJ's or any other dangerous application you may have in mind. This may very well be the toughest Traktor controller that I have reviewed to date. The Faders, knobs, switches, and buttons are all sturdy and durable and really built-to-last as well. The Jog wheels found on the 4TRAK are very similar to the jogs found on the Numark NS6 and they are possibly the best ever found on an all-in-one four-deck controller.


The jog wheels are also built super-sturdy with the same build quality of the entire unit. The jog wheels do not tilt when pressed excessively and they remain constant in every way throughout usage. Normally with Traktor, it has been difficult for other companies to get the Jog wheels settings to match the 1-to-1 performance of the Traktor Kontrol S2/S4, but the 4TRAK is different. The Jog Wheels on the 4TRAK have very high resolution and they have perfect 1-to-1 operation with the Traktor software meaning there is no lag at all.

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The Crossfader and Linefaders are also built tough. Everything just feels almost identical to the NS6 but everything is just meant for Traktor instead of Serato. The Crossfader curve control can be adjusted using the knob on the front of the unit in real-time. The Crossfader at it's sharpest setting has a very low cut-in distance of just under 1mm which made pulling off all the complex crossfader scratches a breeze.

An almost-full-featured Traktor Pro 2 software that comes bundled with the Numark 4TRAK is very stable and the controller layout is almost perfectly mapped to what the user sees on screen within the software. The Numark 4TRAK (just as with the NS6) also has an innovative new feature called the Split-Cue that will allow a DJ the opportunity to allow one earphone of the headphones to play the Master output, with the other earphone of the headphones can play the Cue tracks (the tracks that no one but the DJ can hear). This means you can essentially play a entire set without the need of mixing with a master output.

One of the main selling points of the Numark 4TRAK is that it can also work as a stand-alone mixing console for all those DJ's out there that want to use a set of analog or digital (CD) decks with the NS6. The Numark 4TRAK can also be used in conjunction with a Traktor Audio interface such as the Audio 6 or Audio 10 in order to control 2 of the 4 digital decks with analog timecode decks. For Example, the user will be able to connect two analog timecode decks (vinyl or CD) to a Traktor audio soundcard and then connect the soundcard to the 4TRAK in Phono/Line RCA inputs. Then, the user will have to set the Traktor software settings to through mode and then switch the input channels 3 and 4 back to PC mode and two of the four decks can now be manipulated through the timecode decks of your choice.

The bundled Traktor software has lots of cue points, loop controls, and effects that can all be controlled right on the face of the Numark 4TRAK. One of the main differences between the Numark 4TRAK and the Numark NS6 is the inclusion of an Effects Bar that is attached to the rear/top of the deck. This effects bar comes separated from the 4TRAK and it can be removed via the rear hand-tightening screws for easy transport. The Effects Bar has knobs and buttons on it that line up perfectly with the FX bank one and FX bank two of the Traktor 2 software making it very easy for users to implement effects within their set. (Check the video review for feature demos)

I only have two minor gripes that I found with the Numark 4TRAK that won't really hinder the use of the controller as a standalone unit. The Numark 4TRAK only has Master LED level indicators meaning DJ's can't see the levels of their individual four lines before actually activating them. The levels can only then be monitored in the software. The other minor gripe that I had with the Numark 4TRAK is that it cannot use its RCA inputs in conjunction with its internal soundcard like the Traktor Kontrol S4 can for external timecode deck control. If you want to use your external CDJ's or vinyl decks in conjunction with the Numark 4TRAK, you actually have to purchase an additional traktor hardware soundcard (Audio 4, 6, 8, or 10) in order to use the setup with timecode to control the digital decks within the software. (Note: To date, only the Traktor Kontrol S4 users can simply plug in the RCA inputs directly from the timecode decks to start controlling the digital decks within the software.)

In conclusion, the Numark 4TRAK is now probably my favorite 4-Deck controller for Traktor. The 4TRAK is built tougher than almost any other controller out there and it comes bundled with a Numark 4TRAK version of the Traktor Pro 2 software. On top of this, the 4TRAK has a layout that provides the user with Perfect mapping and high resolution jog wheels with super-fast response. The crossfader has very low cut-in distance and is very suitable for scratching. The 4TRAK is also perfect for mobile DJ's and those who want to use it for it's four line-level inputs as a stand-alone mixing console. If you want to use it for DVS control in the future, then you'll have to add a Traktor Soundcard but this does not take away from the 4TRAK one bit. The Numark 4TRAK is recommended for any user who is serious about DJ-ing with a heavy duty controller that will last a very long time. This controller is PROFESSIONAL in every sense of the word. If I were an all-in-one controller DJ and I had to pick only one Traktor DJ controller to have for the rest of my DJ career, then it would most likely be the Numark 4TRAK...


  • Excellent Heavy-Duty (metal) Build Quality
  • Perfect 1-to-1 Traktor Mapping on Controls
  • High Resolution Jog Wheels w/Great Feel
  • Great Crossfader with low cut-in for Scratching
  • Comes Bundled with Traktor Pro 2 4TRAK Edition
  • Can work as a Stand-alone Mixing Console (with or without DVS Software)


  • No Individual Line Level LED Indicators
  • Cannot Use DVS-Timecode Playback on External Decks w/out Additional Traktor Audio Soundcard



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