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Numark DJ2GO2 Review

Numark DJ2GO2 Review: Smallest Serato DJ Controller!
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The new Numark DJ2GO2 compact and portable Serato DJ Controller is a two channel USB controller that comes bundled with Serato DJ Intro and has a built in soundcard for headphone and audio output to speakers. It also possesses four performance pads for Hotcues, loops, and samples. The Numark DJ2GO2 only costs $80 and is the smallest DJ controller for Serato DJ, making it perfect for small gatherings, track preparation, and "mix-testing" tracks together while on the go. Check out our full video review and review summary below to see if the DJ2GO2 will work in your DJ setup.

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Review Video & Demo

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  • Cheapest & Most Compact Serato DJ Intro Controller
  • Perfect for Track Preparation & Mix-Testing on the Go!
  • Built-in Soundcard with Headphone & Master outputs
  • You can actually Rock a Party with it


  • Lower Volume output for Headphones
  • No advanced Features



Numark N4 Unboxing & First Impressions Video

The Numark N4 is a versatile USB MIDI DJ controller that boasts an internal soundcard with the ability to work with DVS timecode vinyl/CD's and it can work with a plethora of different DJ software. The N4 comes bundled with Serato DJ Intro and a special four-deck version of Virtual DJ LE to get DJ's started right out of the box. Numark was gracious enough to send us a Brand new Numark N4 Digital DJ controller so that we could put it through the tests. The full HD-Video review will be released shortly, but check out the unboxing/first impressions video after the jump.


Arkaei on the Numark NS7II [TVR]

The all-powerful Numark NS7II Serato DJ controller is one of the best and true-to-vinyl setups a Digital DJ can have without going towards the full traditional Turntable and a Mixer setup. In this new video, famous DJ Arkaei performs on the NS7II and Serato DJ using the touch sensitive controls, genuine MPC pads, and those beautiful motorized platter. Check the performance video then watch our HD-Video review of the Numark NS7II.


Numark N4 With All Different Software (Videos)

We recently reviewed the Numark N4 in full HD-Video glory and we found that the N4 was extremely versatile and was able to work with all types of DJ Software. We tested the N4 with the software that came with it, but the Numark N4 is a fully MIDI mappable controller meaning you can use it with virtually any DJ software the user sees fit. Numark has just released a few in-depth mapping videos for Serato DJ Intro, Virtual DJ, and for Traktor Pro to show the N4's true versatility. Check out our HD-Video review, then check out the Numark videos of the N4 working on multiple software setups inside.


Numark Dashboard Unboxing [Video]

Numark DJ has released a brand new triple-screen device called the Dashboard which will allow users to connect it to any Serato DJ setup in order to view most of the valuable information DJ's need such as waveforms, track information, effects, and more. The Dashboard is pretty much like the Numark NS7III Controller screens that are attached to an adjustable stand and can connect to any Serato DJ controller or DVS setup that is out there. We just received a Dashboard in the lab for the full video review, but check out our quick unboxing & first impressions video to see it fresh out of the box.


[Video] Serato DJ with Numark NS6

The Numark NS6 has been out on the market for almost two years now, but its still one of my favorite controllers to use with Serato. During our HD-Video review, we loved the build quality, tight jog wheels, and excellent fader feel along with the plethora of input and output options that are available to the users. The NS6 now gets a free software upgrade from Serato Itch to the new and improved Serato DJ and DJ CXL is in the Numark Studio to give a quick demo video of the new look and features. Check out the performance video and my (throwback) NS6 review after the jump.