Numark DJ2GO2 for Serato DJ Walkthrough [Video]

SeratoHQ gives their own walkthrough for the Numark DJ2GO2.

We recently gave a walkthrough of the Numark DJ2GO2 at the 2017 DJ Expo in Atlantic City. The DJ2GO2 is an ultra-portable controller that is excellent for beginners and for a solid back-up for professionals. Today, Serato HQ has a walkthrough of their own for you. Check it out below.

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[Video] Serato DJ with Numark NS7

The Numark NS7 has been out on the market for over 3 years now, but its still one of my favorite controllers to use with Serato as its still the only controller that contains actively spinning platters and a mixing console all in one single unit. During DJ Esco's written review, we loved the build quality, excellent vinyl feel on the platters, and a high quality mixing section to round out the package. The NS7 now gets a free software upgrade from Serato Itch to the new and improved Serato DJ and DJ CXL is in the Numark Studio to give a quick demo video of the new look and features. Check out the performance video and the (throwback) NS7 written review.


[DJ Expo 2017] Numark DJ2GO2 Walkthrough Video

We were on hand at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City, NJ Earlier today to see all the new InMusic Brand products. While we were there we got to check out the new Numark DJ2GO2 compact Serato DJ Controller to see if this little device is good enough to play full DJ sets.


[Video] 2013 DJ Expo Exclusive: Numark Mixtrack Edge Walkthrough

The Numark Mixtrack Edge was also on display at the 2013 Atlantic City DJ Expo and we were able to get lots of play time with the Edge. The Numark team was gracious enough to give us an exclusive walkthrough video to let us know what the Mixtrack Edge it's all about. This new ultra-slim DJ controller has a high-quality aluminum build while providing easy-to-use controls for DJ's on the go or DJ's with limited space or budget


[Video] 2013 DJ Expo Exclusive: Numark NS7 PRO II Demo & Walkthrough

The Numark DJ booth was buzzing big time this year at the Atlantic City DJ Expo because there were three brand new controllers on display and open for everyone to use. There was the Numark Mixtrack Quad, the Mixtrack Edge, and the holy grail of all Numark controllers... the NS7 Pro II. We spoke to our good friend and Numark staff-member DJ AP (Allen Joseph) who gives us an Exclusive Demo and Walkthrough of the NS7 Pro II that will be available to the public in early October.


[NAMM 2013] Numark Mixtrack Pro II + Serato DJ Video Demo

The Numark Mixtrack Pro II was just announced earlier today at this year's NAMM 2012 show as the new successor to the Numark Mixtrack Pro original DJ controller. The Mixtrack Pro II will come bundled with Serato DJ Intro, but the folks at Serato have already started working on the upgrade path to the full Serato DJ software. Serato has just sent out a quick video demo of the Numark Mixtrack Pro II working in perfect harmony with Serato DJ. Check out the video after the jump to see what the $129 software upgrade will look like with the Numark Mixtrack Pro II when it comes out soon.


2014 DJ Expo: Numark NV [Video]

We're here at the 2014 Atlantic City DJ Expo where the Brand new Numark NV Controller promises to change the game by adding 4.3-inch full color displays above each jog wheel deck so that users can see waveforms, cue points, loops, music libraries, effects, and all the other important visual information in Serato so that DJ's can put the laptop away for good. Check out the full walkthrough video with Chris Roman of the Numark team to see what the Numark NV has to offer.