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Numark DXM-PRO Review

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The Numark DXM-PRO is a 24-bit Digital 2-channel Professional Scratch Mixer which is definitely a true contender in the battle mixer market.

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Staff Review

Numark DXMPRO Mixer Review


First Impressions: The first thing you notice straight out of the box is the beauty of this Great Mixer. This is one of the first times that I opened a Numark mixer box and actually was excited by what I saw. The Mixer was sent to me directly from Numark and had never been used before! The test unit, to my surprise, was brand new. Kudos to the Numark representatives for the awesome Hook-up! When the mixer was unveiled out of its protective sheath, the marvelous black metal finish with all silver/chrome knobs and faders will absolutely make you fall in love with the look of the machine. The overall layout is still very similar to the pre-defined battle mixer style, with 2 channels and all the other controls being at the top of the mixer and corresponding to that side of the mixer depending on what channel you are manipulating. From the looks of it, it seems that Numark has made this mixer to actually be a contender in the battle mixer market.Overall, the feel of the faders, switches, and knobs (which are made of hard, shiny plastic) is definitely solid, at least up to the standards of other high-end scratch mixers.

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The Numark DXM-PRO is well equipped, and has all the trimmings that a scratch/mix DJ could need. The inputs on this mixer include two phono, three line and one mic input, with a phono/line switch on the two main channels and the other line channel is routed through the mic channel. Additionally, you can switch the phono inputs to line-ins, if required, making the total line inputs up to five. There are also a total of five outputs on the Numark DXM-PRO: a balanced master on 1/4-inch jacks, unbalanced master and booth on RCA phono, and coax and S/PDIF optical digital outputs.

The front panel of the mixer is very simple only consisting of the Headphone input (1/4”) and an additional Mic input (1/4”). There is also an easy to reach Crossfader Curve adjustment knob that can be pushed into the housing of the mixer to get it out of the way after you have made the adjustment. The knob for the Crossfader Curve is extremely accurate and allows you to fully adjust the Crossfader curve. It is one of the most accurate Crossfader Curves I have ever used. The slightest movement of the knob actually makes a difference (which is probably more-so because the mixer is fully digital). The VCA faders also have the crossfader Slope control knob that you can push into the housing so they don’t interfere with your movement once they are set. They are also just as sensitive and intuitive as the crossfader control knob. On the face of the panel is the three faders and 2 paddle switches that allow you to select phono/line input for the channel (transform switches). There is also another option with the paddle which is called TRANSFORM where the paddle is spring-loaded to bounce back as you cut the phono on and off. The Stanton SK series of mixers also have this feature. This is very useful when doing some crazy transforms using the paddles.

Next up for the mixer are the Faders. The Crossfader and Line Faders are all high quality VCA faders that allows Numark to achieve the smoothest and tightest curves and makes it as smooth as butter! From the minute I opened the mixer and put it to use, I noticed the swift and sensitive faders that any scratch artist would love. This is one of the fastest and lightest faders that I have ever used, coming second only to the Stanton Focus Fader which was fully optical in design. The Fader on the DXM-Pro also feels Optical. I feel absolutely no resistance in the fader whatsoever which may be a good thing or bad thing depending on personal preference. I can pull off all of the complicated scratches with very little effort including the Crabs. It took me about 3 hours to get used to the fader and to be fully comfortable with it. There are no problems with the faders themselves, but the knobs are somewhat awkward and no other mixer uses them. They are rectangular and blocky, which will take you about a day to get used to (this is still not a big deal, as you can get different knobs to switch them with or simply get used to it!). One gripe that I do have with these faders is that you can only replace them with Numark Faders. No other fader will really fit the mixer without heavy modification. So if you fader goes out on you, be prepared to call Numark and spend $70. I would also recommend that you buy another replacement fader as soon as you get the mixer. I have had no problems with the fader, but if you are planning on keeping the mixer for a few years I would recommend having a spare on hand.

The Line faders also have a reverse button located perfectly above the line curve controls for each channel that will reverse the volume direction of the line faders. There is also a mixer reverse button located right in the middle of the mixer that will reverse the entire channels and when pressed channel two will be channel one and visa-versa. Since the mixer is a fully 24-bit Digital Mixer, when the mixer is shut down; all of the settings that was previously there will be erased.

The Numark DXM-PRO also has an impressive EQ/Cue section of the mixer. In regular use this is a normal three-band EQ with full kill on all bands!!! Each channel has the mid, low, and high knobs neatly placed along with the gain control at the top. Speaking on the EQ section brings me to speak on the overall sound quality of this mixer. The sound quality of this mixer is truly awesome! Many other mixers that I have used in the past actually over-amplify the signal that it is being sent, which causes distortion or problems if turned up too loud. On the contrary, the Numark DXM-PRO mixer amplifies the music just enough to where you won’t get so much feedback and you can still crank it up and have great sound quality. I was definitely surprised by the sound quality overall…I was even skeptical as to whether Numark could pull off a completely digital mixer and have it sound so good. The final section of the mixer, the cue-section, is one of the best I have ever used due to an awesome new feature…tone control. Not only can you use the cue section to hear channel one or channel two separately or simultaneously using the cue fader; you can also press the master cue button to hear exactly what is playing out of the master output. There is also naturally a Cue volume control, and an innovative tone control. The Tone control is a knob (that also pushes into the mixer out of the way after you set it) that allows the DJ to get a great balance between your bass and treble in your headphones. This is an outstanding feature because some headphones are not made to stand the harsh mixer amps that push out so much power to the headphones causing distortion and sometimes blown headphones. You can now adjust the bass/treble of the headphone output which I found EXTREMELY useful.


All in all the Numark DXM-PRO looks sexy, sounds very good, and has all the bells and whistles that any battle DJ could want. The crossfader is more than adequate for Mixers and Scratch artists alike and the EQ’s and sound quality are very good as well. The only gripes I have with the unit is that although the construction feels solid, at times it also feels like you are playing with a toy. Another issue I have with the mixer is the fact that you can only use Numark VCA Faders with the mixer and the cube-like knobs take time getting used to. The mixer does have a decent price point and is definitely a competitor in the 2-channel battle mixer market. I would definitely recommend this mixer to anyone, but especially for those users who have Numark Decks; this mixer would make for a great compliment piece that won’t let you down.