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A well-priced, sleek looking mixer from NUMARK, the DXM06 offers a digital crossfader, kill switches, and digital output. Most notable of the NUMARK DXM06, however is its powerful effect module, capable of assigning 12 different effects to either of the 2 channels as well as the mic or master output. Click below for the review!

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Numark DXM06



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is a solid low-priced


with some great features. In addition to looking sleek the NUMARK DXM06 comes with 12 effects (Flanger, Echo, Tape Echo, 2x Copy, Phaser, and Filter for CH1/Ch2, plus Vocoder, Echo, Tape Echo, Reverb, Limiter+Distortion, and Telephone for Mic/Aux), all of which can set to either of the two channels as well as the mic or the master output. Another feature to note is that the NUMARK DXM06 comes with BPM tap control to synch these effects to the tempo of the song. Kill switches for High, Mids, and Lows on each channel, great for techno DJs. Hip Hop Scratch DJs will appreciate the digital crossfader which is smooth and able to resist a good amount of abuse. The 24-bit digital output means the DXM06 is without the background hiss you'll hear on even some of the higher priced mixers. Overall, the

Numark DXM06 mixer

is a great mixer for the price. Highly recommended for beginner Dance DJs due to the kill switches and effects.