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Numark HF350 Headphones Review



Numark has released three new headphones in their HF series to fit many different DJ's needs. The HF150 headphones are collapsible and have a compact design for easy transport, the HF325 have an on-ear performance design, while the HF350 have an over-the-ear isolation design. All three sets of headphones have leatherette earcups for superior comfort and they all sport 40mm drivers for crisp and clean sound. Numark has sent us a new set of HF350 over-the-ear headphones so we could put it through the review paces. Check out the results after the jump.

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Review Video & Demo

Unboxing Video



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Setup & First Impressions

The HF series headphones all have a combination of black, silver, and red colors in their design. The Numark HF350 headphones have a mostly plastic construction with a very thick rubber style headband and big over-the-ear leatherette earcups for good isolation. The headphones feel pretty thick and sturdy even though they are made of plastic, but since all the components are made of plastic, users will have to be careful with these during transport and storage for fear of breakage at the connecting points or band. The headband is really comfortable and soft and it can bend and twist without breaking.

The earcups can swivel inwards/outwards about 90-degrees in each direction and can be used for one-ear monitoring if needed. The earcups themselves fit completely over the ears with very comfortable and plush memory foam and leatherette feel. The Numark HF350 headphones also sport a removable cable that can be replaced with any generic mini-to-mini cable if necessary. The HF350 headphones have great sound isolation due to the way the earcups completely cover the whole ears. The Highs and Mids are somewhat subdued while the bass is deep and pronounced. The bass doesn't really vibrate like some other headphones but they give a great sense of bass throughout the performance. Watch the full video review above for an in-depth look and explanation of the Numark HF350 headphones.

In Conclusion, the Numark HF350 over-the-ear headphones are a good affordable option for DJ's who also need a good performing headphone. The thick headband and memory foam earcups are very comfortable and feel great when in use. The HF350's also have great sound isolation with the huge over-the-ear leatherette earcups which don't let outside sounds in, nor does it allow for much sound leakage. The Sound quality of the HF350 was also pretty good with a deep bass "feel" that DJ's need for mixing. On the downside, the HF350's have an all plastic construction which means they probably won't hold up for years. The HF350 headphones also can't fold for easy transport or storage, and they only come bundled with a pretty short straight cable which doesn't give much flex in the DJbooth. Overall, the HF350 are a great option for DJ's on a budget but still want a good headphone for DJ performances.


  • Affordable Pricepoint for Good Performance
  • Comfortable Headband & Memory Foam Earcups
  • Great Isolation with Over-the-Ear Design
  • Good sound quality with Deep Bass Feel


  • Can't fold for easy storage/transport
  • All plastic construction breaks easier
  • Only short straight cable included