Numark Mix Matrix 3 Review



A three-channel version of the Matrix 2 with added options such as kill switches for each band of the EQ.

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Staff Review

Guest Reviewer: DJ Ohmega

The Numark Mix Matrix 3 is a nice looking 3 channel mixer with a good amount of features for its price. It includes -40dB kill switches for its 3 band EQ and an Omega true optical crossfader with an extra wide knob and fader start. Other features on the Numark Mix Matrix 3 are a Hamster switch, crossfader curve adjustment, and PFL meters for each channel and left/right otput.

The Numark Martix 3 is a very cool multi function hybrid 3 channel mixer. It can lend a hand in techno, scratch, hip-hop and many other various styles.



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The settings on the front of the panel let you adjust the crossfader curve. It also has settings for assigning the crossfader to any of the 3 inputs. Then some fader start settings, and punch in and out buttons. This handy when doing quick cuts from one side to the next (fader start), and for punching in and out like working the crossfader. The punch can also be used as a start or as a slicer.

The Input fader I must say were a bit tight. I had to push much harder than I would have liked to when inserting tracks. So it's not good for quick input jabs. I would however counter that with its great for techno because it's solid and lets you feel it out more.

The Matrix3 has input LEDs for each channel so it's easy to visually see when the tracks are matched in level, dB and tempo. The EQ section is nice. It does bleed a bit when the EQ band is off. This is where the 3 kill switches come in on the front panel. A flick of the switch and its eliminated. The switch can either be used as a momentary or maintain function.

The FX loop is by far the best feature on the mixer. It lets you send individual tracks to be effected. It also has a FX blend knob that allows you to dial in the amount of FX used vs. master signal. This lets you sweep in and out much easier.

The Numark Matrix 3 has a good headphone amp, but be careful not to abuse the front mounted plug. It has Balanced 1/4 outs on the rear as well as RCA.

This mixer didnt last long. The Headphone amp gave me static and started cutting out on one channel. The input faders now cut up too. Its not made for everyday serious playing. I bought mine brought it home set it one the mixing desk and never took it anywhere. Maybe I got the bunk mixer I don't know, but it was very fun and easy to use although not recommended for professional use.