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Numark Shares NS6II Tutorial With DJ Shortee

There are so many new features, that the NS6II is like a totally different controller than the NS6.

In this full in-depth tutorial, DJ Shortee walks you through every feature on the Numark NS6II. DJ Shortee also breaks down the difference between the original NS6 and the NS6II, which DJ Shortee considers an entirely new controller.

Topics discussed:

Let us know your thoughts on the NS6II in the comments section, and if you're interested in one, be sure to shop on, the best marketplace for any musician.

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We recently reviewed the new Dual-Screen Serato DJ Controller called the Numark NV and we found that it was a great device that allows the user to focus on the performance and crowd without gazing at the computer screen. The Numark team decided to release a new full-length tutorial walkthrough video so that everyone can see all the features on the Numark NV. Check out our full Video Review of the Numark NV, then check out the official Numark NV tutorial walkthrough video below for more information on this powerful controller.


Numark NS6II [Video]

Numark has just announced a new update to their first super-successful professional Serato DJ controller. It's called the Numark NS6II and it sports the same all-metal durability and four channels of Serato DJ control with the new pad modes and functions with on-board LCD screens in the center of the jog wheels to bring it into the new realm of DJ controllers. Check out the full press release, video, and details after the jump.


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The Numark 4Trak is finally here! The 4Trak is the newest Traktor Professional Digital DJ Controller brought to us by Numark DJ Division. The 4Trak is like the very successful Numark NS6 controller, but instead of working with Serato Itch, users can now use the 4Trak with Traktor and enjoy a perfect one-to-one mapping of all the Traktor controls right at the DJ's fingertips. We have a Numark 4Trak in the Lab for a Full HD-Video review which will be ready in a week or so. In the meantime, you can check out the new introduction, overview, and mapping tutorial videos inside.


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Numark N4 DJ Controller Announced

Numark has just announced a new addition to their Digital DJ Controller lineup called the Numark N4. The N4 is a 4-channel/4-deck DJ controller that looks to be nice mixture between the Numark NS6 and the Numark Mixdeck and will most likely be priced somewhere between them as well. The Numark N4 will have full timecode support for your external Digital Vinyl System CD/Vinyl decks meaning you won't need another soundcard to use timecode features. The N4 can also function as a standalone mixer without the use of a computer. The Video, Press Release, and More Information after the jump.