Numark PPD01 Review

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The first "pure" digital 10-inch high-performance scratch mixer. According to Numark, its digital format provides more functionality. The PPD01 offers 8 crossfader methods and modes with velocity sensitive action. The many features of the PPD01 are explained in the review below.

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Numark PPD01

is the worlds first completely digital


. This allows the PPD01 to have eight built in effects and multiple crossfader curves.  It also allows continuously scanned controls, including velocity sensitive faders.  The PPD01 also is a very durable mixer, enclosed in a dampened steel case.  All these features unique to the

Numark PPD01 mixer

make it a very appealing choice for a battle or club mixer.  Putting its performance aside, the appearance of this baby is sure to turn a few heads.