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Phiaton Bridge MS 500 Headphones Review

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Phiaton is a relatively new audio company that produces some good quality headphones for all types of users. The Phiaton Bridge MS 500 headphones have an over-the-ear design and premium construction materials throughout including a solid aluminum body and genuine leather earcups and headband for added comfort and durability. We've completed this review to see just how they hold up in the DJ booth.

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Setup & First Impressions

Phiaton is a relatively new company that produces headphones, ear buds, headsets and all types of personal audio solutions. The Phiaton headphone range includes all sorts of models ranging from over-the-ear active noise cancelling to inner ear buds. We at never even heard of Phiaton before a few short weeks ago when we saw these headphones in an email and thought that the new Bridge MS 500 model headphones looked like they would fit the DJ bill. We will take a good look at the Phiaton Bridge MS 500 Professional headphones and see just how they hold up both in the DJ booth and for other all other listening experiences.

The Phiaton Bridge MS 500 headphones have an over-the-ear design with a unique but durable aluminum construction and can be found at around the $230 price-point…

In the Box: -Bridge MS 500 headphones -3ft audio cable -3ft In-line remote & mic cable -Leather and Vinyl Carrying case -¼-inch Adapter



The MS 500 model headphones from the Phiaton brand looks to be the most suited for DJ use due to its high quality materials and overall shape/design. The MS 500 sports an over-the-ear design, 40mm drivers, foldable earcups, and real authentic leather covering both the memory foam earpads and the headband. These headphones are made up of a mostly aluminum with the exception of the earcups themselves which are made of plastic. This nearly all-aluminum construction gives the MS 500 a very sturdy and durable design that will hold up well against bumps and bangs. Overall, the MS 500 headphones look very professional and road-ready for whatever gets thrown at it in terms of construction.

The MS 500 headphones look a bit bulky due to the over-the-ear design, but they are really very light and comfortable, even during very long monitoring sessions. At the top, the headband is made of genuine breathable leather with only light padding underneath. The leather is so soft and plush that it feels very soft on the head and never felt uncomfortable even with relatively low padding. Underneath the leather, the headband is also made of aluminum and can flex all the way around to the opposite direction without making noises or breaking. They simply bounce right back to their original position.

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The headband is connected to the earcups via an aluminum hinge that allows these headphones to be folded down into a smaller form factor for easier storage and transport. The whole hinge is made of aluminum and it feels like it will last quite a while. The bottom part of the hinge as an aluminum loop that holds the long aluminum pole that can slide up and down to adjust the size of the headphones. The plastic outsides of the earcups are connected to the long aluminum pole via a flexible joint that allows the earcups to conform to the users head. On the inside of the headphone hinges there is an R or L to distinguish the sides.

The MS 500 has genuine leather earcups with very soft foam underneath which make them extremely comfortable in any situation. The earcups have 40mm drivers with an overall rounded-triangular shape which fit nicely over my ears. The earcup pressure is just right, meaning they don’t clamped down on the head with too much force, but it’s still strong enough to work well when you’re going crazy during a mix. The isolation qualities are also good for DJ use. When there is no music playing in the headphones, some background sounds are still heard, but they are cut down enough for your own sound to completely take over the space. We tested the MS 500 headphones on various DJ Controllers and two different Mixers and the monitoring volume was definitely loud enough for the DJ booth when mixing and cueing.

The aluminum poles that connect to the earcups and work as a size-adjusters also have input sockets at ends to connect the included cables. The user needs to only choose one of these sockets for the stereo headphone cable connection. These are not your standard ¼-inch sockets and they are a bit smaller, meaning you won’t be able to daisy-chain additional headphones using the un-used socket. It also means that you can’t use a standard mini cable if you lose the cables or break them.

The MS 500 headphones come with two high-quality tangle-free cloth wrapped cables, one with an in-line microphone for phone calls. Phiaton also claims that these are "Oxygen Free Copper" cables which provide 99.99% purity helping to ensure a clean connection and minimal audio distortion. The cables are both only three feet in length which makes them just a bit short for DJ’s who are moving around in the DJ booth, but just right for laptop, tablet, and smartphone users. The headphones also come with a soft black genuine leather pouch with Nylon sides and a drawstring for transport. The case also has a really soft suede lining and has a small pocket for accessories and cables. I’m not usually a fan of pouches for headphones, but this one was made with more thought behind it than others.

Sound Quality

The Sound quality of the Phiaton Bridge MS 500 headphones was very clear and crisp. The highs and mids sound especially good with very accurate reproduction of snare sounds and even spoken-word. The MS 500 also has good bass response and a good sense of “deepness” with the bass. The bass doesn’t rumble as much as some other headphones on the market, but the MS 500 headphones can handle very high levels of bass without distortion. The whole range of sound was very legible and smooth.

I was very impressed by the handling power of these headphones. While using the MS 500 with my mixers, I was really cranking the volume during mixes and even at extreme levels the distortion was very low across the board. Overall, I would say that the mids are probably set a tiny bit higher than the lows and highs which gives these headphones good clarity in the DJ booth and when using them for playing games, watching movies, or making phone calls.

After hours and hours of use, I can safely say that the Phiaton Bridge MS 500 headphones really work nicely both in the DJ booth and for everyday listening needs. The Bridge MS 500 headphones have a solid aluminum construction with really comfortable genuine leather earcups and headband. The MS 500 also has a foldable hinge design for easy storage and it also comes with two high quality removable cables that all fit into a nice pouch. The MS 500 headphones have a very clear sound quality with deep bass and good isolation. On the downside, the MS 500 headphones only come with 3ft cables that aren’t really long enough when moving around inside the DJ booth, and they don’t have a swivel style hinge that some DJ’s use when monitoring.

If you’re a DJ that doesn’t need a long cable or the swivel-hinge design on your headphones, then I’ll have an easy time recommending the new Phiaton Bridge MS 500. They will work well for any DJ who wants a high-quality over-the-ear set of headphones for inside and outside of the DJ booth.


  • Solid Aluminum Metal Design
  • Really comfortable genuine leather earpads & headband
  • Folding Hinge design for Easy Transport & Storage
  • Clear Sound Quality, Deep Bass, & Good Isolation
  • Detachable/Replaceable DJ Cable & Mic Cable Included


  • Cables are a bit Short for the DJ Booth
  • No Swivel joint for one-ear monitoring