Pioneer CDJ-850 Review

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The CDJ-850 player adopts many of the technical advances made in the industry standard pro-series versions and invites all levels of DJs to create, perform and share mixes like a professional. Pioneer is dedicated to bringing DJs the best audio/video and live performance products. For newer DJs looking to elevate and greatly enhance their performance and creativity, Pioneer’s CDJ-850 delivers enhanced mixing features, excellent audio quality and a new platform for them to share their music.

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New Pioneer CDJ-850 Announced

Pioneer DJ division has just announced the new Pioneer CDJ-850. The new CDJ-850 includes HID-MIDI software controller capabilities, as well as being compatible with MP3, AAC, WAV and AIFF digital audio formats recorded on USB storage devices or CD-R/RW discs.


[Video] Mixvibes Cross: Pioneer CDJ HID Control

The Mixvibes Cross Pro DJ Software allows for seamless HID integration with the Pioneer CDJ lineup. Now DJ's can control up to four Pioneer HID decks simultaneously within the Mixvibes software using all of the buttons and knobs found on the Pioneer CDJ range of CD decks. The latest video shows a host of features that can be controlled and manipulated through the CDJ on-board controls including hotcues, loops, file navigation, and much more.


Pioneer CDJ-350 and CDJ-850 in Silver & Black

Pioneer is now offering the CDJ-350 and the CDJ-850 in two different colors. They are both now available in Black or Silver. The CDJ-850 was originally offered in black only, but now they have a silver model. The CDJ-350 is currently offered in black and white with the third and new color option being the Silver. Be sure to check out our full written reviews of the CDJ-350 and the CDJ-850 and now you can also be happy to know that there are more color options if you decide to go with the Pioneer CDJ route. Press release after the jump.