Pioneer DDJ-SR2 Review

Watch our review video of the new Pioneer DDJ-SR2!
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Watch our review video of the new Pioneer DDJ-SR2!


The Pioneer DDJ-SR2 is an update to the original DDJ-SR which was one of my top-three favorite controllers of all time for Serato DJ. The DDJ-SR2 has all the good features of the original unit and it adds RGB backlit color pads, XLR Balanced outputs, a Serato DJ club-kit ready soundcard for turntable or CDJ Timecode playback control, and Pitch N Time and Pitch Play controls. It also comes bundled with the full version of the Serato DJ software as well as the Serato DJ Pitch N Time package to get you started. Check out our full Video review and see the review summary below to see if the DDJ-SR2 is right for you.

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Review Video & Demo

Unboxing Video


  • Comes Bundled w/Serato DJ & Pitch-N-Time
  • 16 RGB Backlit Pad with All Pad Modes
  • Serato DJ Pitch-N-Time Dedicated Controls and Pitch Play
  • Solid Build Quality & Compact Form Factor
  • Serato DVS RCA Inputs & XLR/TRS/RCA Master/Booth Outputs
  • Low Latency & Great Feel Jog Wheels/Low Crossfader Lag & Cut-In


  • Small Pitch Sliders



Pioneer DDJ-RB & DDJ-RR Rekordbox Controllers [Video]

Earlier today Pioneer DJ announced their two newest DJ controllers that are made to work exclusively with their new DJ software Rekordbox. The new Pioneer DDJ-RB and DDJ-RR controllers were revealed in today's latest videos by the Pioneer DJ team. Check out the new controllers after the jump.


Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Announced [Video]

Pioneer DJ has announced that there is a brand new Serato DJ controller coming out next month called the Pioneer DDJ-SX2. The DDJ-SX2 is a new version of the ever-popular DDJ-SX which we reviewed when it was released almost two years ago. The new Pioneer DDJ-SX2 inherits all of the features of the original and adds multi-color RGB backlit Performance pads, hotcue markers on the jog wheel display, Serato Flip controls, and it is Serato DJ DVS compatible right out of the box.


Pioneer DDJ-SB2 Controller [Video]

Earlier this morning Pioneer DJ has just announced the new DDJ-SB2 entry-level Serato DJ controller. The latest iteration of the original Pioneer DDJ-SB that we reviewed last year includes all the same features with the addition of Gain control knobs, line level meters, the Pad Trans beat effect, and four-deck control. Check out the quick intro video inside.


Introducing Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 [Video]

Pioneer DJ has just announced a new surprising follow-up controller to their top tier Serato DJ controller called the DDJ-SZ2. We reviewed the original DDJ-SZ a few years ago, but now the new DDJ-SZ2 makes a few improvements including lower jog wheel latency, bundling of Serato PNT/FLIP/Pitch Play, new on-board effects, Magvel Crossfader, post-crossfader effects, and more durability.


Pioneer DDJ-SB Tutorial [Video]

Pioneer DJ has recently released a brand new beginner-level Digital DJ controller for their Serato lineup called the DDJ-SB. This new compact and USB-Powered controller has the familiar 16 Performance Pads layout, Slip-Mode, built-in Low Pass/High Pass filter knobs, and comes bundled with Serato DJ Intro for the excellent street price of only $300. We're currently working on the DDJ-SR review, so the DDJ-SB review will just have to wait in line. In the meantime, Pioneer has just released a slew of new tutorial videos to get owners started off on the right path.