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Pioneer DDJ-SZ Controller Review

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The Pioneer DJ Division's new Flagship Serato DJ controller called the Pioneer DDJ-SZ retains many of the features and functions of the widely popular DDJ-SX, while adding more real estate for a bigger and more professional footprint, bigger full "CDJ-sized" jog wheels, Multi-Color Backlit Performance Pads, Dual USB Ports for seamless transitions, a magnetic MAGVEL crossfader, and a full-blown DJM mixer section with Sound Color FX and DVS capability.

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Review Video & Demo

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Setup & First Impressions

The Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the biggest all-in-one DJ controller and it has a full metal top plate and a hard plastic shell that really feels solid. There are lots of input and output options and a full standalone Mixer that can be used on its own and without software. Turntables and CDJ decks can be attached via RCA and mixing can be done via Timecode DVS for Serato DJ playback or while using completely external sources. The DDJ-SZ comes bundled with the FULL Serato DJ software and users can install it via the Serato DJ website or using the supplied CD that comes in the Box. The user then connects the USB cable to the computer and speakers using one of the output options on the rear while connecting a set of headphones for cueing in the front panel. Just as with almost all other Serato DJ controllers, the DDJ-SZ is pretty much plug and play. Check out the full review video for the in-depth look at all the features and functions on the DDJ-SZ controller.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In Conclusion, the Pioneer DDJ-SZ is the biggest and baddest controller for Serato DJ on the market. It is the official Flagship Pioneer DJ Controller with a full professional CDJ player and DJM Mixer style size and layout which will make it familiar to Pro's and those who DJ in the big clubs. The CDJ sized jog wheels have the full feel adjustment knob to change the torque and they also have a very intuitive LED display in the middle to show needle position and cue points or loops. The full DDJ-SZ has a full DJM-Style Standalone 4-channel mixer with DVS Timecode Inputs that can play back digital files using external turntables or CD decks. The mixer section also has the excellent sound color FX and the Oscillators to spice things up a bit. The DDJ-SZ also has these large RGB backlit 16 Performance Pads that control the popular Serato DJ functions such as the SP6 sampler, hot cues, cue loop, roll, manual loops, and the slicer. The DDJ-SZ has two different USB inputs so that two computers can connect to the DDJ-SZ simultaneously for easy changeovers or for tag team DJ performances.

On the downside, the DDJ-SZ is a HUGE controller. It's so big that most people may not want to take it out on the road with them or may not have room enough to fit it inside of a cramped DJ booth. The other gripe with the unit is the price. It's the most expensive controller on the market today, but it also has more features than the others.

Other than these two issues, we think the DDJ-SZ is a great controller for any DJ who wants the best of the best and they want a full sized Pioneer Club CDJ/DJM style setup in a Serato DJ all-in-one controller package.


  • Flagship Pioneer DJ controller With Professional CDJ/DJM Size & Layout
  • CDJ-Sized Jog Wheel Control w/Position & Cue Point LED & Feel Adjust
  • Full DJM-Style Stand Alone Mixer w/DVS Timecode Inputs & Sound Color FX
  • Large RGB 16-Performance Pads to control the Sampler, Hot Cue, Loop, Roll, & Slicer
  • Dual USB Inputs for Two CPU connections (Easy Changeovers)


  • Gigantic Size
  • Expensive



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