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Pioneer DJ Announces DDJ-XP1 and rekordbox 5

Pioneer continues rolling out products with a new controller and major software update.
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Pioneer has been busier than usual lately. In the past two weeks they announced the DJM-S3 & DDJ-SR2, and the new HDJ-X over-ear headphone series. Today, Pioneer has announced the DJ DDJ-XP1 and rekordbox 5.

With 32 multicoloured Performance Pads, the DDJ-XP1 is designed to help you craft unique sets and get the most out of the latest features in the updated versions of the rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs Plus Packs. Adding the DDJ-XP1 to your set-up brings a whole new sphere of creative possibilities to your DJ performances, whether you use multiplayers or DVS via turntables to control your digital music. Create your own customised interface with intuitive, tactile control over Hot Cues, Pad FX, Beat Jump, Sampler, Beat Loop and the new Key Shift and Keyboard modes.

The significantly updated rekordbox software features a more intuitive GUI and improved overall design, while the rekordbox dj performance application includes new additions such as Key Shift and Keyboard mode. The rekordbox ver 5.0 update also welcomes the performance mixer, the DJM-S9, to the rekordbox family. Now, you can connect the popular mixer to your PC/Mac via a single USB cable and use it with rekordbox dj and rekordbox dvs for DJ performances and battles, and you can combine the mixer with the DDJ-XP1 to add limitless new ways to show your flair. Not to mention, the next-generation engine KORETECH makes rekordbox a more lightweight and stable application offering powerful features and performance.

With all this new Pioneer gear being announced, gear-heads will want to start saving yesterday! Stay tuned right here for reviews when the products arrive.

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[Video] Pioneer Announces the DDJ-SP1 Serato Controller

Pioneer DJ is really busy announcing new products lately! This time Pioneer announces the new DDJ-SP1 USB MIDI controller that is designed to work in conjunction with the new Serato DJ 1.5.0 software so users can trigger new effects and samples with the 16 velocity-sensitive performance pads, buttons, and knobs in a nice compact package.


Pioneer Announces DDJ-SX for Serato DJ

Serato DJ software was just announced today and with it came the announcement of its newest and first official DJ controller called the Pioneer DDJ-SX. The new Pioneer DDJ-SX looks to be one of the most professional-grade DJ controllers from Pioneer to-date with a brushed metal chassis and heavy duty appearance. The DDJ-SX will be very tightly integrated with the Serato DJ software and below each jog wheel there are (8) velocity-sensitive performance pads that can be used for Cue-points, Loop Rolls, Slicer, and the SP-6, similar to the way Vestax VCI-380 does it today with Serato ITCH. Check out the hardware breakdown and official words after the jump.


Pioneer DDJ-ERGO DJ Controller Announced

Pioneer has finally let the cat out the bag on their newest DJ controller that they've been teasing everyone about. Introducing the new Pioneer DDJ-ERGO Digital DJ controller. This new DJ controller is geared more towards the DJ's who don't want to spend crazy amounts of money to get into the world of DJ-ing, or for those who need an extra or spare setup to accompany them on trips or light parties. The DDJ-ERGO will come bundled with the Virtual DJ LE software and is fully MIDI-mappable to other DJ software on the market. Check inside for the full press release and demo video.


Pioneer DJM-450, DDJ-WeGO4, & WeDJ Announced [Videos]

Early this morning Pioneer DJ announced three new products for DJ's. The first is the Pioneer DJM-450 mixer which is a compact, two-channel mixer with Beat FX, Sound Color FX, and Rekordbox DVS compatibility straight out of the box. The next is the Pioneer DDJ-WeGO4 which is an update to the WeGO lineup for beginner DJ's and comes bundled with the FULL Rekordbox DJ software. The last is the Pioneer WeDJ which is an iPad app that allows DJ's to spin using the iPad.


Pioneer Announces DDJ-RX DDJ-RZ & Rekordbox 4.0!

Early this morning Pioneer DJ hit the industry with some serious news. First, the new Rekordbox 4.0 software was revealed as a fully-fledged DJ software that will work with all Pioneer current DJ controllers and players and will soon include upgrade paths for Video plug-ins and DVS plug-ins for vinyl and CD timecode users. Next, the Pioneer team announced two brand new controllers that will work with the new Rekordbox 4.0 software called the Pioneer DDJ-RZ and DDJ-RX.


Pioneer DDJ-SX2 Announced [Video]

Pioneer DJ has announced that there is a brand new Serato DJ controller coming out next month called the Pioneer DDJ-SX2. The DDJ-SX2 is a new version of the ever-popular DDJ-SX which we reviewed when it was released almost two years ago. The new Pioneer DDJ-SX2 inherits all of the features of the original and adds multi-color RGB backlit Performance pads, hotcue markers on the jog wheel display, Serato Flip controls, and it is Serato DJ DVS compatible right out of the box.