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Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 App for iPad [Video]

If you have iPad, then you might be in luck as you can get a RMX-1000 app right in the palm of your hands that can work with your DJ gear. Check out the details and the video demo after the jump.
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If you have iPad, then you might be in luck as you can get a RMX-1000 app right in the palm of your hands that can work with your DJ gear.

This is a tricky thing as the only mixer that can support this from Pioneer is the new 900NXS2, which comes with more than one cable input. It also can be used to add effects to music created in a DAW…so maybe this might get the official Link feature from Ableton…just speculating though...

Check out a quick video from Pioneer below.

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Mixvibes Remixlive App [Video]

Say you are a DJ and you realize that music production is not your strong suit, and you do not know what to do. You go online and search for answers but you don’t really find anything that really helps. You hear of DAWs and the full power that they give you to make and create remixes but it is not something you want to invest in. Mixvibes might have a solution.


[Video] Pioneer RMX-1000 In Pearl White

The popular Pioneer DJ RMX-1000 effect station for DJ's is now offered in a Pearl White edition. Pioneer DJ has been releasing white editions of almost all of their DJ gear including mixers, headphones, and CDJ's and now the RMX-1000 is getting the same treatment. The RMX-1000-W will have the same cool features as the original but sports this nice new finish to appease DJ's who adopt this new color scheme. Check out the video of the RMX-1000-W and the full press release inside.


iMaschine App Music Making Video

The iMaschine music production app is making huge waves in the music industry. It is the most popular music production app at the App Store and it's easy to start making beats from scratch using the touch pad surface of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. The music that you make on the iMaschine app can then be transferred over to your computer and full or medium sized Maschine production unit to continue making the beat or to finalize your mix. Check out the video of the iMaschine in action inside.


[Video] Traktor DJ iPad Tutorials

The Traktor DJ iPad App has been out for a few months now and veteran DJ Shiftee even produced a cool video showing all of the digital goodness that lies within Traktor DJ once you get the hang of the features. Native Instruments has just released a new youtube playlist consisting of five Tutorial Videos that show users how to get started with the Traktor DJ App. These Tutorials include: Collection Sync, Browsing, Preparation, Mixing, and Performing. Check out these tutorial videos after the jump.


[Video] Pioneer DJ Releases Rekordbox App

A few weeks ago, Pioneer DJ announced the availability of its new rekordbox DJ music management app for iPhone and iPod touch. The rekordbox App enables users to prepare and manage music stored on their portable devices as well as create playlists, cue/loop point and beat location settings, perform waveform analysis, and more. The recently announced XDJ-AERO system works with the new app and enables the iPhone or iPod touch to become a main source for music content. Check out our exclusive video from the DJ Expo to see it in action after the jump.


[Video] Hercules DJControlWave iPad DJ Controller

Hercules has just announced the new Wireless Bluetooth DJ controller called the DJControlWave. The DJControlWave controller is a two-channel DJ device which integrates perfectly with the iPad using the DJUCED app and also works with computers using the built in USB connection. The DJControlWave controller is a true wireless system that has its own internal rechargeable battery and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity which means you can DJ without any wires at all.