DJ Qbert Rips it up on the New Scratchophone Turntablist Instrument

While I was scouring the internet for a cool video to post for our Turntablist Feature Friday blog entries, I found this new instrument for turntablists called the Scratchophone. The Scratchophone has been in development for years now, and they are finally available for fully-customizable sale only! (Product Details and Q-Bert Demo Video Inside).
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The Scratchophone is an electronic DJ device that is part turntable, part mixer, and part drum-shaped enclosure that gives Turntablists a TRUE instrument to call their own. The Scratchophone is made for serious scratch professionals and is fully portable and intuitive just like any other instrument. Nearly everything from the color to the crossfader angle position is customizable at the time of order. All mixer and turntable functions are all there and packed into this nicely presented package that finally looks to make Turntablism a valid art form and to provide a respectable instrument that can finally label a scratch DJ as a true performing musician. DJ Qbert dropped by their place to put it through its paces and he was thoroughly am I!

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Turntablist Video Friday: DJ SLAM

On this episode of Turntablist Video Friday series we have a scratch veteran who is putting it down on the Vestax PMC-05proIV and a Vestax PDX turntable for the Beat 4 Battle Ultimate Battle of 2010. Check out how DJ Slam rips the 1's and 2's for this quick set to tantalize the masses. Watch the video inside.


[TVR] DJ toMU Rips it up On the Pioneer DJM-T1

The Pioneer DJM-T1 is a heavy-duty Traktor Scratch Certified two-channel professional-grade DJ mixer with built in Traktor MIDI controls for many of the advanced DJ software features such as loop, samples, hot cues, effects and much more. The Pioneer DJM-T1 exhibits all of the classic and well-known Pioneer Mixer build quality with a full-metal chassis, sturdy faders, and reinforced knobs. Check out this episode of Turntablist Video Friday to see DJ toMU rip it up on the Pioneer DJM-T1 and a classic set of 1200's inside.


[TVR] OnDaSpin With DJ Knuckles

This week's Turntablist Video Friday makes another appearance today and this time we're back once again with the fourth Webisode in the "On Da Spin" series with DJ Knuckles. During this online series, there will be feature interviews along with performance footage from known and unknown DJ's. Each webisode will showcase the DJ and gives them a chance to share their opinion and insight on their musical experiences. This fourth webisode features DJ Knuckles getting busy on the Technics and he also gives an interesting interview on his time in the DJ Game! Check out this cool interview and his turntable performance after the jump.


Turntablist Video Friday: DJ Fegan

This week's Turntablist Video Friday Series takes us to a smooth scratch practice solo done by DJ Fegan. Even though he only refers to this video as a practice session, it is still some of the smoothest and cleanest cuts around. I definitely enjoyed this video, as will all of you who can recognize real skills! Check out the video inside.


2010 DJ Expo - Allen & Heath/Vestax Booth was at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City last week and we are bringing you a short video of the Allen and Heath/Vestax Booth from the event. There were plenty of Allen and Heath Mixers and Vestax Media Controllers on-hand to test and for sale! Video after the jump.


Turntablist Video Friday: DJ Angelo

On this episode of Turntablist Video Friday we have a very well-known DJ from the UK who not only can scratch, but he can rock the clubs and events just as shown in this video. He also has a few turntable tutorial youtube videos to show the novice players how to get their skills up in the DJ Game. If you like what you see here, hit him up on youtube via username DJAngeloUK. For now, Check out the video inside.