Rane TTM57MKII Serato DJ Mixer Review



The new Rane TTM57MKII two-channel Serato DJ Mixer is now in the DJbooth.net lab for the full Video review treatment. The TTM57MKII is the new update to the original TTM57SL mixer that only worked with the aging Serato Scratch Live Software. Now Rane has now updated the mixer with the new TTM57MKII complete with Serato DJ control, dual-USB ports, 8 RGB backlit pads, Low/High Pass filters, and the familiar layout that Rane is known for.

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Setup & First Impressions

The new Rane TTM57MKII Mixer is like a hybrid mix of a Rane Sixty-Two and the original and iconic TTM57SL. The new TTM57MKII mixer comes bundled with Serato DJ, Serato Noisemap vinyl, and will work in perfect harmony with Serato DJ. The TTM57MKII mixer will not work with the older Serato Scratch Live software as was the case with the Rane Sixty-Two mixer and the original TTM57SL. Some users may find this as a disadvantage, but personally, I think Serato DJ has a lot more features and functions built in to make it the better software. The TTM57MKII has the build quality similar to the Rane Sixty-Two series as it has a solid metal body with some plastic posts for EQ knobs and a few metal post knobs for certain software controls. It would have been nice to get all metal posts similar to the TTM56 and TTM57SL from years ago, but it seems that all new Rane mixers follow this new "plastic-post" design scheme. It doesn't seem like they will break or anything, but when someone is forking out over $1000 for a mixer, it should probably have the most sturdy build quality imaginable.

The TTM57MKII mixer has dual USB ports around back for easy changeovers when switching laptops. There are additional AUX RCA inputs on the back with controls on the front to mix them in. The TTM57MKII has XLR and TRS outputs around the back along with RCA Session IN and OUT for linking other DJ gear or for simply another output/input option. The TTM57MKII also have four RGB Backlit pads per channel that can launch hot cues and samples. There's also controls for effects and filters for each channel and the AUX input. The Rane TTM57MKII also has that familiar layout and those magnetic scratch-worthy faders that only Rane can produce.

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Conclusion / Recommended For

In Conclusion, the Rane TTM57MKII professional two-channel Serato DJ Mixer is a superb follow-up and successor to the original and iconic Rane TTM57SL. The new Rane TTM57MKII has that same familiar layout and the same Solid Rane Professional All-Metal Chassis & Sound Quality. The Rane TTM57MKII has a built-in Serato DJ soundcard and comes bundled with the full Serato DJ Software and timecode vinyl for DVS playback. The Rane TTM57MKII has the new and improved rubber RGB Backlit MIDI control pads for hotcues/samples and it sports the same magneic long-life faders that are excellent for scratching. The TTM57MKII is also loaded with two USB ports for easy changeovers and dual laptop operation, along with additional Aux RCA inputs, Session Input/Output, & Effects Send/Receive.

On the downside, the TTM57MKII has only one effect control knob and button per module which means you won't be able to control all effects within Serato DJ at the same time. There are also plastic posts for most control knobs in place of the metal post knobs on the original TTM57SL. Other than these two gripes and the rather high price, the TTM57MKII is a great turntablist and competition grade two-channel mixer that is a worthy successor to the original and I'm sure it will be a battle-DJ favorite for years to come.


  • Solid Rane Professional All-Metal Chassis & Sound Quality
  • Built-in Serato DJ Interface & Bundled Serato DJ Software
  • RGB Rubber backlit MIDI Controls for HotCues/Samples
  • Long-Life Magnetic Rane Crossfader & Linefaders (Excellent for Scratching)
  • Aux Inputs, Session Input/Output, Dual USB Ports & Effects Send/Receive


  • Only One Effect Control Knob & Button Per Module
  • Plastic Posts For Most Knobs



Rane TTM57MKII Mixer Serato DJ 1.8 Remap Tutorial [Video]

Serato DJ 1.8 just came out and it now offers the option to custom midi map your controller or mixer. The people at Rane came out with a quick tutorial on how to do just that for the Rane TTM57 mkll. Peep the video after the jump to check out this simple tutorial.


Rane Announces the Sixty-Four Serato DJ Mixer

Now that the Serato DJ 1.5.0 cat is out of the bag, the Rane Sixty-Four Serato DJ certified Mixer has also been announced. The new Rane Sixty-Four Mixer will be one of two mixers out on the market in October that will work perfectly with the new Serato DJ 1.5.0 DJ software right out of the box. The Sixty-Four Mixer sports dual USB ports for easy DJ changes, on-board effects, Serato DJ MIDI controls, and can support up to four external Serato NoiseMap Vinyl/CD control decks at once.


Rane TTM57MKII Unboxing [Video]

The Rane TTM57MKII two-channel Serato DJ Mixer that was recently announced at the NAMM 2015 show is now in the DJbooth.net lab for the full Video review treatment. The TTM57MKII is the new update to a classic. When the original TTM57SL mixer was dropped from the Serato DJ support model many DJ's were up in arms. Now Rane has made things right by reviving the TTM57MKII complete with Serato DJ control, dual-USB ports, 8 RGB backlit pads, Low/High Pass filters, and the superb build quality that Rane is known for.


[Video] Serato DJ 1.5 Out Now!

Serato DJ 1.5 has now been released. This means that the era of Serato Scratch Live and Itch is coming to an end. Last month Serato announced that they would combine all of their Serato based DJ software into one software to rule them all which is known as the Serato DJ 1.5 release. The new release will now work with the new Pioneer DJM-900SRT, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SP1, and the Rane Sixty-Four. Of course all of the other Serato DJ controllers are also able to work with the new Serato DJ 1.5 and there's a few bug fixes and housekeeping items addressed in this update as well.