Recommended DJ Equipment Packages


Hello! Since the re-launch of the site and DJ Equipment Reviews section updates, we have been recieving daily emails from users which asks us what gear should they purchase for their current situation. We have compiled a lits which should help most of you out there who are trying to purchase some gear. The following packages are our recommendations as per a DJ's budget and/or needs. Recommended (hip-hop/turntablism) Packages:

Low Budget Analog setup (hip-hop/turntablism):

(2) Numark TT-200 Direct Drive Turntables

(1) American Audio QD5-Mk2 Mixer

(1) Stanton DJ Pro 300 Headphones

Mid-Range Budget Analog setup (hip-hop/turntablism):

(2) Numark TT-500 or TTX Turntables / (2) Vestax PDX-2000mk2 Turntables

(1) Stanton SA-5 Mixer / (1) Numark DXMPro Mixer / (1) Vestax PMC-07pro Mixer

Ultimate Analog Setup (hip-hop/turntablism):

(2) Technics SL-1200 M5G Turntables / (2) Stanton Str8-150 Turntables

(1) Rane TTM-56 Mixer / (1) Vestax PMC-08pro Mixer / (1) Ecler HAK-380 Mixer

(1) Sennheiser HD25 Headphones

Ultimate CD Setup (hip-hop/turntablism):

(2) Numark CDX or HDX / (2) Technics SL-DZ1200 / (2) Denon S3500 / (2) Pioneer CDJ-800mk2 or CDJ-1000mk3 / (2) Gemini CDT-05 (Pick one of these based on Feel and Features)

(1) Rane TTM-56 Mixer / (1) Vestax PMC-08pro Mixer / (1) Ecler HAK-380 Mixer

(1) Sennheiser HD25 Headphones

Ultimate Hybrid Setup

(2) Gemini CDT-05 Hybrid Turntables

(1) Rane TTM-56 Mixer / (1) Vestax PMC-08pro Mixer / (1) Ecler HAK-380 Mixer

(1) Sennheiser HD25 Headphones

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AMS - Top Selling DJ Equipment

Our good friends and DJ Equipment partners American Musical Supply just sent us an interesting list of their most popular selling DJ & Production equipment for the past few weeks. We thought that it may be cool to let DJ's and producers know what all the other music makers in the world are buying in order to practice and perform the way they like to. Digital Media Controllers are all the rage right now in the DJ world, but some still prefer a timecode setup, but almost everyone is using the computer to DJ in some shape or fashion. Native Instruments beat-making products are taking off too! Check inside to see the top-selling DJ equipment list and reviews.


Turntablist Video Friday: DJ SLAM

On this episode of Turntablist Video Friday series we have a scratch veteran who is putting it down on the Vestax PMC-05proIV and a Vestax PDX turntable for the Beat 4 Battle Ultimate Battle of 2010. Check out how DJ Slam rips the 1's and 2's for this quick set to tantalize the masses. Watch the video inside.


2010 DJ Expo - Allen & Heath/Vestax Booth was at the DJ Expo in Atlantic City last week and we are bringing you a short video of the Allen and Heath/Vestax Booth from the event. There were plenty of Allen and Heath Mixers and Vestax Media Controllers on-hand to test and for sale! Video after the jump.


Epsilon Pro INNO-PROPAK DJ Setup [Video]

The brand new DJ company on the block, Epsilon Pro, is starting to make some waves in the industry with their good pricing for good products attitude. To continue with this theme, Epsilon Pro decided to release a new starter DJ package for only $799 that includes two brand new Super-OEM turntables and a two-channel mixer with a built in Mini-Innofader crossfader for good cuts and mixing.


[Video] 2013 DJ Expo - Reloop/Vestax/A&H Booth

Our good friends over at American Music and Sound were once again showing off their goodies at the 2013 DJ Expo with their Lineup of Reloop gear, Vestax controllers and Allen & Heath Mixers. We were also able to catch DJ Angelo from the UK ripping it up on the new US-Bound Reloop RP-6000mk6 Super OEM turntables and RMX-80 mixer that will be available state-side immediately! The Vestax Typoon and professional VCI-380 and VCI-400 controllers were in the booth along with the Allen & Heath Mixer range.