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Reloop RHP-10 Headphones Review

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DJ BLAZE of takes the Reloop RHP-10 Headphones in the Lab for a spin and full written review inside.

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Unboxing Video

Setup & First Impressions

The same company that brought you the Reloop RMP-3 Digital Crossmedia Player also offers DJ’s a way to listen to all the music through some nicely created headphones. The Reloop RHP-10 series DJ Headphones are designed to be an excellent professional alternative to some of the higher priced and high-quality headphones. Coming in at a price point of less than $90 USD, these headphones offer features only found on more expensive brands and models. They are made to be lightweight, durable, and customizable to fit mostly every DJ’s musical needs.

In the box

-Large bag made of arificial leather (Same color as headphones of choice) for headphones and accessories -2 cords (one straight and one coiled) -2 pairs of ear paddings (one set for isolation and the others to sit onto the ears) -gold-plated 6.3 mm adapter

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The Reloop RHP-10 headphones are built very lightweight, durable, and customizable to meet mostly all DJ’s needs. First off, these headphones are designed to be very light. The outsides of the ear cups are constructed of a polymer/rubber-paint type of material (same as used on their Reloop RMP-3 surface). The aluminum inlays on the ear cups also work to maintain durability while still keeping everything light and compact. The headband is made of an artificial leather upper and sweat absorbing netted nylon on the underside. The headphones bend and flex in many ways which makes them durable and able to resist impact.

The Reloop RHP-10 headphones can also swivel and fold in many different ways so that they can be worn however the DJ wants at the time. These headphones can also be folded down into a small form factor for easy storage or transport. These headphones are also very customizable. The RHP-10’s come with two sets of artificial leather ear cups to give the DJ an option of comfort. They come with a set of ear cups that have a large cut-out for enclosing the ear and the other set has a small cutout allowing the ear to be padded. Initially, I thought that the large cut-out option would be best for my ears, but that was far from the case.

The large cut-out ear cups were simply unbearable for me to wear as my ear was in direct contact with the hard surface found inside the ear cup. The ear pads with the smaller cut-out proved to be MUCH more comfortable, as the pad itself sits right on the ears. This option was better, but the DJ sacrifices the sound isolation that the other ear cups would have provided. An excellent custom feature is the inclusion of two separate types of cables. There is a choice of either using the coiled cable or the straight cable. Personally, I like the coiled cable better because the extra slack isn’t able to dangle to the ground as it would with the straight cable. Adding to the customizable factor is The Reloop RHP-10 headphones are available in the following different color combinations: Black, Ceramic Mint, Cherry Black, Chocolate Crown, Gold Rush, and all-white Limited. This way the DJ is able to find a color combination that will compliment the rest of their DJ setup.

Sound Quality

The sound quality of the Reloop RHP-10 headphones is about average. The headphones perform nicely when the volume isn’t turned up too much. For monitoring, studio, or bedroom DJ purposes, these headphones have great sound quality and work exactly as they should. The highs, mids, and lows are all nice and crispy. However, as soon as the volume is increased to performance type levels (i.e. at a party or club performance); the sound quality greatly suffers. When the headphone volume adjustment on the mixers is set to anything past about 70-percent, there will be some distortion especially noticeable in the bass-response and low frequencies. I tested these headphones on the Xone 2:02 mixer, the Stanton SA-5 mixer, and the Korg KM-202 mixer and the results were exactly the same. They are not the best in the sound quality department, but they aren’t unbearably bad. These will meet the demands of most DJ’s nicely but performance DJ’s may need something a bit more pricey and a bit more responsive at the higher volume levels.

The Reloop RHP-10 headphones is a great alternative for DJ’s looking to get a good set of headphones for about half the price of other brands and models with similar features. This is the first set of headphones that I have ever reviewed or tested that come with so many customizable options (i.e. color, cables, ear cups). They are very durable, lightweight, comfortable, and compact. They have a foldable design which can be worn in many different ways and makes it easier to transport. The sound quality and Bass Response of the Reloop RHP-10 headphones gets worse and worse as the volume gets higher and higher. At normal levels, they are excellent, but at high volumes there is much distortion present. These Headphones are recommended for beginner DJ’s, Bedroom DJ’s, studio DJ’s, and anyone who needs minor monitoring capabilities. These headphones are not recommended for performing DJ’s who need high volumes and superior sound isolation.


    Pros: -Very Lightweight and Comfortable -Durable Design/Construction -2 sets of ear cups -2 types of cables -Fold and Swivel Design Cons: -Sound Quality suffers at High volume levels -Ear Cups with Large opening hurts the ears as there is no cushion between the driver and the ears



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