Reloop Terminal Mix 2 Review



A few weeks ago, we reviewed the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 that we enjoyed using very much. This time Reloop has sent us the brand new Terminal Mix 2 which is the smaller and more compact two-deck version of the Terminal Mix 4. The Reloop Terminal Mix 2 has the same excellent Jog Wheels, full features, and all-metal build quality as it's bigger brother and we let you know how it all comes together in the Full HD-Video review inside.

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Setup & First Impressions

The Reloop brand has continuously produced some very high-quality gear all with their no-nonsense black and silver coloring scheme with very intuitive layouts and controls for DJ's to hone their craft. In continuing with that same scheme, Reloop has announced their newest Digital DJ Controller lineup which consists of the Terminal Mix 4 (Four Deck Controller) and the Terminal Mix 2 (Two Deck Controller). This review will focus on the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 DJ controller as we recently reviewed the Reloop Terminal Mix 4 only a few short weeks ago.

This review will be very similar to the Terminal Mix 4 review since both units are almost identical while the Terminal Mix 2 is more compact with two less channel controls to worry about. The Reloop Terminal Mix 2 can still work as a full Four-Deck controller since there are buttons for each side of the fader to (layered) turn each deck controls into the controls for the additional channel. The Reloop Terminal Mix 2 has a very nice overall build and layout to it.

The Terminal Mix 2 is made up of mostly Metal with a little bit of plastic thrown in to save on weight. The Terminal Mix 2 is also very compact meaning that you will be able to throw it into a standard laptop size bag and take it with you. The unit has a very SOLID feel to it and it will last a very long time with normal use.



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All of the knobs are nice and over-sized so that the DJ can accurately mix to the exact levels as needed. The Jog wheels on the Terminal Mix 2 are the exact same Jog wheels that are found on the Terminal Mix 4. These are still some of the best jog wheels that I have ever used on a DJ controller. They don't have any type of tension adjustment but the touch sensitivity adjustment can be done when powering the unit on as an advanced feature. The weight and the feel of the Jog wheels is just right and backspins, scratching, and beat matching was all done with ease. When you backspin and let them go, they continue to spin for a while and the ribbed top surface just feels right in the hand. They are truly some of the best High-Resolution jog wheels on the market and they were lots of fun to use. The Crossfader also has the same really great feel to it. It doesn't feel cheap like other controllers and it has a nice audible click when you hit the end of the fader plate. I really liked the feel of the crossfader, even though the cut-in distance for all software tested was a rather long 2mm. I was still able to pull off lots of fun scratch routines with the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 but it's definitely not meant for it (Serato DJ Intro where it works the best for scratching/juggling). The Line faders have more resistance to them and they also have the same higher-than-normal quality feel to them as with the crossfader.

The Terminal Mix 2 comes bundled with two different software for the DJ to choose from. The first software is the Serato DJ Intro which utilizes Two Decks of operation. The Terminal Mix 4 also came bundled with this same software, but it seems to make much more sense now that it is on a two-deck style chassis. So if you are buying the Terminal Mix 2 to use with Serato DJ Intro, just be aware that Intro is a base-form of Serato DJ software and lots of features on the Terminal Mix 2 will no longer work. For example, Serato DJ Intro only provides you with a total of four Cue points, four Sample banks, and the Loop Move Knob does nothing at all. The effects are limited and there isn't much more you can do in the software other than mix from track to track, but it does this extremely well. In Serato DJ Intro, the DJ will have the tightest Jog Wheel integration of all and scratching will be much nicer than on Virtual DJ LE or Traktor.

In order for the DJ to unlock more potential of the unit, they will most likely use the controller with Virtual DJ LE. The Virtual DJ LE that comes bundled with the Terminal Mix 2 is a well-rounded software with a total of four decks of control now active for use. In Virtual DJ LE, the software screen actually looks like an exact copy of the controller and everything is very easily laid out. Even though this is a two-deck controller, there are Buttons labeled “3” and “4” which will turn the controls for decks “1” and “2” into the controls for decks “3” and “4”. There are a total of eight Cue points in Virtual DJ LE and also eight Sample banks for DJ's to use on the fly. Furthermore, everything on the face of the controller now actually works for some feature or another. The Jog Wheel is not as accurate when scratching and back cueing with Virtual DJ LE as it is in Serato DJ Intro, so the DJ will have to decide what is more important to them when picking which software to use.

On the Reloop DJ website, users can download different MIDI mapping files for other DJ software. The Terminal Mix 2 works very nicely with Traktor 2.5 and there is a TSI file available for two regular decks and two sample decks of control, or for all four track decks depending on mixing style. I felt that the Terminal Mix 4 had a great overall balance when used with Traktor and the jog wheels were better than Virtual DJ LE, but not quite as good as the Serato DJ intro, but there is just so much more you can do in Traktor Pro than what you can do with Virtual DJ LE or Serato DJ Intro. DJ's may want to either purchase the full-Version of Virtual DJ LE or Traktor Pro to truly take advantage of such a great controller. Reloop could have included a real PRO version of a software suite with the Terminal Mix 2, but I suppose they did not in order to keep down the costs and allow for DJ's to choose for themselves which software they actually want to continue on with.

Some other great points on the Terminal Mix 2 include the Emergency "Through" Auxiliary input on the back of the unit. It's great to have another input on a DJ controller just in case your computer software takes a dive during a gig, you can now easily plug in any RCA device (AKA MP3 player) to the rear of the Terminal Mix 2 and use the front Volume control to play from another source. The Terminal Mix 2 also has a very nice and full feature set with lots of MIDI controls and buttons for Hot Cues, Loops, Samples, Effects and big rubberized transport controls below the jog wheels.

On the Downside, even though The Terminal Mix 2 comes with Virtual DJ LE and Serato DJ Intro, it does not come with a full-featured PRO version of any software meaning that any DJ who wants to "get serious" with their craft will have to come out of pocket to get Virtual DJ Professional (for better effects and more controls) or Traktor Pro 2.5. My last issue with the Terminal Mix 2 is with the Line Level LED indicators found in the middle of the line faders. The LED indicators only show LINE Master level of the mix and don't show individual volumes per deck meaning that you can't really get a good gauge on the GAIN needs of a deck until it is actually playing live over the master output.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In Conclusion, The Reloop Terminal Mix 2 is a high-quality and heavy-duty Digital DJ controller with some of the best jog wheels ever made and very nice fader feel to go with it. The all-metal chassis is also very compact and easily fits into a smaller Laptop bag. All of the EQ and control knobs are nice and oversized and the user gets to choose between Virtual DJ LE or Serato DJ Intro to spin with. The Terminal Mix 2 is also a full out MIDI controller meaning it can be customized to work with almost any DJ software on the market. The Terminal Mix 2 has all the extra features a DJ could need (Hot Cue, Sample, Loop, Effects controls) and a nice Emergency AUX through input in case a software takes a plunge. If users are willing to purchase a “full-featured” software when they turn "pro" and they can live without the individual Line level meters then the Terminal Mix 2 may be right for them. We are going to recommend the Reloop Terminal Mix 2 to any DJ who wants a professional and versatile (can be MIDI programmed for almost anything) DJ controller with high quality control feel and a bunch of on-board features to please DJ's everywhere.


  • Very Nice Compact and Heavy-Duty Build Quality
  • Extremely Nice Jog Wheel Feel and Emulation
  • Nice Over-sized EQ and control knobs
  • Comes bundled w/Serato DJ Intro (2-deck) & Virtual DJ LE (4-deck)
  • Works with almost all MIDI DJ Software (Including Traktor)
  • Emergency "Through" AUX input
  • All the Hot Cue, Sample, Loops, Effects Controls a DJ could want


  • No True "Full-Featured" Software Included (Additional Purchase)
  • Master Only LED Level Indicators



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