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Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium Headphones Review



The Sennheiser HD 25 Aluminium headphones were created to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Sennheiser HD 25 headphone superiority in the DJ and Professional audio realm. The new HD 25 Aluminium edition headphones sport aluminum earcups for more durability and slightly better sound characteristics.

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The iconic Sennheiser HD-25 DJ Headphone has been out on the market for a full 25 years now and to commemorate the occasion Sennheiser has released the HD-25 Aluminium Edition headphones. Many DJ’s swear by the Sennheiser HD 25’s and rightfully so. They have great sound characteristics and they can really take the beating that seasoned Pro DJ’s throw at them. Even if they do fail, almost every single part of the HD 25 is replaceable from the earcups to the cables. The all new HD-25 Aluminium edition headphones boast even more durability and slightly better acoustics thanks to the high-grade aluminum ear cups.



The construction and design of the Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium headphones is very “minimalistic” with every single design cue having a distinct function. The HD-25 Aluminium headphones are made up of mostly plastic with the added one-piece Aluminum Earcups and attachment bolts on each side. Even though the Sennheiser HD 25’s always had a somewhat wobbly and loose feel to them, they can really take a beating and they have been known to hold up for years without repair or replacement. The design of the hinge mechanism and where the earcups meet the headband is very sturdy and is not easy to crack or break as it is on other headphones that are made of mostly plastic. The wobbly and loose feel of the HD-25 Aluminium headphones gives them a really custom fit over many different head sizes and shapes. The Sennheiser HD 25 Aluminium headphones have a black and silver finish with all of the black parts being made of plastic and the silver parts make up the Aluminum earcups and swivel pin. Overall, these headphones are made very well and they will definitely remain in-tact from gig to gig. The Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium headphones are also really lightweight making them ideal for long listening sessions and for easy transport.



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The HD-25 Aluminium headphones have the familiar two-piece headband that can be put together as one bar or split apart to really give each user a custom fit on top of their head. There is adequate padding under each point of the headband and overall this design was very comfortable throughout our tests. The earcups are joined to the headband using the metal pins and the left earcup can sivel on this pin to provide the user with a one-ear-on and one-ear-off style monitoring. The earcups are made of aluminum and they have a free-floating mount that glides up and down a small plastic extension to the headband to make easy length adjustments. The HD-25 Aluminium’s don’t have folding hinges so they can’t really collapse down for easy storage and transport. These earcups are made from Aluminum but they are really lightweight and comfortable. The insides of the earcups fit perfectly on-the-ear and provided really nice isolation for monitoring. The sound leakage on these headphones was very evident even at lower volumes, but in a DJ booth style setting, this wouldn’t make much of a difference. We tested the Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium for a two-hour session and they were still very light and easy-going on the ears. The earcup clamping force is also just right for my head while not causing any discomfort during the test period.

The HD-25 Aluminium cable is completely detachable and replaceable. There is a small box located on the right earcup that can be opened to remove the cable. The cable also runs through the two headband pieces and down into each earcup using the connector. Sennheiser offers many different cables to appease many different DJ’s needs. These come with a 6ft straight cable and there are coiled cables available from the Sennheiser website. The headphones also come with a zipper style carry case for added protection when in storage or on the move.

Sound Quality

The Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium headphones have GREAT sound quality with an emphasis on accurately reproduced mids and really crispy highs. The HD-25 Aluminium headphones are not really a bass-heavy headphone, but the bass was really full and punchy. When the bass was turned up in the EQ, I was even able to get some rumble out of the earcups without drowning out the mids and the highs. The sound on the HD-25 Aluminium’s was really one of the best headphones that I’ve reviewed with sound reproduction being very close to the source material. The HD-25 Aluminium’s handled well at very high volumes well when in use with professional DJ mixers and other top DJ controllers. The sound isolation is also very good as the on-the-ear cups fit very snug to the head. The sound does leak a bit more than some other headphones in it's class, but nothing that would hamper DJ use. These headphones also sound great when in use with computers and smartphones.

In conclusion, the Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium Professional DJ headphones are an excellent addition to the HD-25 range and a great way for Sennheiser to pay homage to 25 years of headphone superiority. The HD-25 Aluminium headphones are great for DJ’s and Performers who want a very minimalistic style on-the-ear headphone that’s built to last and sound great in the DJ booth and for other listening needs. The HD-25 Aluminium’s have headband and earcup adjustments that really give each user a custom fit. The Aluminum earcups provide better sound and overall rigidity and there’s a swivel hinge for one ear monitoring.

The only minor gripes I could find with the HD-25 Aluminium’s was that they don’t have the ability to fold into a compact position for easy travel/storage and they also have a rather large amount of sound leakage. If these aren’t deal-breakers for you and you’re in the market for a new set of Professional Grade on-the-ear headphones, then the Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium headphones should definitely be worthy of a look.


  • Durable and Lightweight Construction
  • Headband & Earcup Adjustments for Custom Fit
  • Aluminium Earcups provide better sound & Rigidity
  • Great Sound Quality: Excellent Highs & Mids; Deep Bass
  • Swivel hinge for One-Ear Monitoring


  • Cannot fold for easy Storage/Transport
  • Audible Sound Leakage



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