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Serato DJ 1.8 Announced

The new Serato DJ 1.8 software has been announced and it will include some major new updates like the ability to remap DJ controller functions and Key Detection/Key Shifting.
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The new Serato DJ 1.8 software has been announced and it will include some major new updates like the ability to remap DJ controller functions and Key Detection/Key Shifting. DJ's will soon be able to remap certain functions of their DJ controllers to do other actions within the software. Users will now get a free Key Detection component to Serato DJ which shows in color-coded keys so DJ's can easily see the format at a glance. The users who have the Serato Pitch N Time plug-in will now be able to key shift and key sync meaning they can harmonically sync one track to another by altering the key to one that is more suitable. This new update will be available by the end of October 2015. Check out the full press release below for more details.

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Serato DJ 1.2.5 Released

The Serato team has just announced a new update to their free software that will allow owners of the new Numark Mixtrack Pro 3 and the Hercules DJControl Jogvision controllers to work with Serato DJ Intro. This means that owners of these new controllers can now download Serato DJ Intro 1.2.5 which will give users access to Serato features like sync, cue points, loops, library navigation, and more.


Pioneer Announces DDJ-SX for Serato DJ

Serato DJ software was just announced today and with it came the announcement of its newest and first official DJ controller called the Pioneer DDJ-SX. The new Pioneer DDJ-SX looks to be one of the most professional-grade DJ controllers from Pioneer to-date with a brushed metal chassis and heavy duty appearance. The DDJ-SX will be very tightly integrated with the Serato DJ software and below each jog wheel there are (8) velocity-sensitive performance pads that can be used for Cue-points, Loop Rolls, Slicer, and the SP-6, similar to the way Vestax VCI-380 does it today with Serato ITCH. Check out the hardware breakdown and official words after the jump.


Serato DJ Tutorial Video Series

The new Serato DJ software that comes bundled with the new Pioneer DDJ-SX will soon be released to all current Serato Itch Users and Serato DJ Intro Users within the next few months. This newly updated software will have quite a few differences from what those DJ's are normally used to, so the Serato team decided to get everyone familiar with Serato DJ by releasing a slew of new Tutorial videos so users can see exactly what's changed and how to use the features. Check out all the videos inside after the jump!


Serato DJ Intro Software Announced

At this year's BPM show overseas, Rane has announced a new and affordable DJ software called Serato Itch. Serato Itch will be able work with different DJ controllers from lots of manufacturers for DJ playback. Right now, Serato Itch will work with the Vestax Typhoon and the VCI-100MkII DJ controllers and is available for free download at the Serato website. The Serato Intro software is like another version of Scratch Live and Serato Itch minus some features that beginner and playback DJ's don't need. Download link and press release after the jump.


Update: Serato DJ 1.6.2 & Serato DJ Intro 1.2

Serato has just announced the new updates to its Serato DJ and Serato DJ Intro software. The Serato DJ 1.6.2 update allows for Official support for the Reloop RP-8000 Turntable, hardware support for the Reloop Beatmix 4/Beatmix 2, Numark Mixtrack Quad and Numark Mixtrack Edge, along with other improvements. The Serato DJ Intro 1.2 update allows support for the Numark Edge, Numark Mixtrack Quad, and the Reloop Beatmix 2/Beatmix 4 DJ Intro Controllers.


Vestax Typhoon + Serato DJ

Just last week, Vestax announced that the new Serato DJ Software now works with their Typhoon Digital DJ Controller. Vestax Typhoon users can download a free trial for 14 days, or upgrade for $129. Serato DJ brings the new features of the full software such as Instant Doubles and iZotope FX to Typhoon users.