Serato DJ 1.9.8 Is Now Available

Go update your Serato DJ!
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This release includes support for the newly announced hardware from Pioneer DJ. Here's what's new:

  • Pioneer DJ DJM-S3, a Serato DJ and DVS enabled two channel battle mixer.
  • Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR2, a two channel Serato DJ Enabled controller.

Serato also recommends updating to the latest version for enhanced stability and performance. Download here.

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Serato DJ Available for Mixtrack, MC2000, & DDJ-ERGO

The new Serato DJ software (which is basically the new replacement software for Serato Itch) now provides a true upgrade path for people who are using the low-level Serato DJ Intro software with their Digital DJ Controllers. Serato DJ Intro software has a limited number of DJ functions, but DJ that own the Numark Mixtrack, Denon MC2000, or the Pioneer DDJ-ERGO now have the option to upgrade to the full Serato DJ version with much more control over the playback options and lots more features at your fingertips.


[Video] Serato DJ 1.5 Out Now!

Serato DJ 1.5 has now been released. This means that the era of Serato Scratch Live and Itch is coming to an end. Last month Serato announced that they would combine all of their Serato based DJ software into one software to rule them all which is known as the Serato DJ 1.5 release. The new release will now work with the new Pioneer DJM-900SRT, DDJ-SR, DDJ-SP1, and the Rane Sixty-Four. Of course all of the other Serato DJ controllers are also able to work with the new Serato DJ 1.5 and there's a few bug fixes and housekeeping items addressed in this update as well.


Serato Itch 1.7 Now Available

For those of you out there that are using the Serato Itch DJ Software with your media controllers; there is a new update available for free download at the Serato RANE itch website. Update Details and links inside after the jump.


Serato DJ 1.8 Beta Available

The new Serato DJ 1.8 software is out now in Beta form for all current Serato DJ users to test out. The new Serato DJ 1.8 includes a few new features that users have been craving for a long time. These features include the ability to remap controllers, color-coded Key Detection, and Key Sync is available to those who have the Pitch N Time Serato upgrade. Check out the full press release and details on where to get the upgrade after the jump.


Serato DJ 1.8.1 Released

Serato DJ has released a new update to their flagship software to provide an update to Pitch 'n Time DJ allowing key shifting and key sync, adds key detection and display, plug and play support for the Pioneer DJM-S9 and user hardware remapping, as well as a number of important performance and stability updates.