Shure M44-7 Review



The king of scratch cartridges. The Shure M44-7 's high price tag is worth it for its great performance. If set up porperly and broken in, these cartridges almost never skip. The Shure M44-7 also boasts a low tracking force, which translates into minimum record wear. Higly recommended for skratch DJs.

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Shure M44-7 cartridge

is reguarded by many as the most pure

scratch cartridge

out there.  You'll pay a pretty penny for it, but its worth every cent.  When set correctly and broken in, these babys won't skip.  The M44-7's tracking force is very low, meaning they will put less wear on your records.  Its output is extremely loud with a powerful base-heavy sound. recommends the

Shure M44-7 scratch cartridge

to any serious scratch DJ.