Stanton Final Scratch Review



Stanton has released an unbelievable product which may change the face of DJing forever. Final Scratch allows you to take music from your computer and minipulate on any turntable using special records included in the package. The review below gives an in-depth explanation of this revolutionary product.

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Final Scratch

is a kit which allows MP3s stored on a computer to be manipulated on your turntable using special records. It sounds like science fiction but the way it works is simple. The special records carry a time code instead of a song. A converter translates the time code into a digital signal which is then sent to your laptop which is running the Final Scratch program (included). The


Final Scratch program then sends the part of the MP3 that is loaded into your mixer. All this means that whatever you do to the record will be done to the MP3 file! No need to lug around a record case to all your gigs, with Final Scratch all you need is a laptop with all your songs stored on it. Scratch DJs will appreciate that any sample that can be found in MP3 format can now be manipulated as if it was on vinyl. The Final Scratch kit includes software, 3 records, converter, and all the wires necessary to get it all connected. All you need to provide is 2 turntables, a mixer and a laptop.

Special Note to Final Scratch Users: Laptop hard drives are sensitive to magnetic impulses found in speakers. Many DJs have informed us that when playing near large club speakers their hard drives have crashed. If you are using the Stanton Final Scratch at a club, please make sure your laptop is not near any large speakers.