Stanton SA-12 Craze Review



The new flagship mixer of the Stanton lineup has features and a price sure to please any club or battle DJ. Most noteable is its removeable effects board. The standard board includes pitch shifter, flanger, and delay controls and replacement boards offering additional effects should become available soon. The SA-12 also offerrs a powerful EQ as well as a adjustable fader curve

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Staff Review

Stanton's flagship battle mixer offers many great features not offered by any other mixer in its price range. The most unique of the features on the Stanton SA-12 Craze mixer is the removable effects module. According to Stanton, the effects module will be easily swappable with other effects boards soon to be available. Also, each of these effects will be able to be assigned to either channel, the microphone, or even the main mix. The faders on the Stanton SA-12 Craze mixer are custom Penny & Giles faders, which are known for their great performance and durability. Another useful feature is the glide faders for the 3 band EQ and the left and right pan.