Stanton SCS.4DJ Firmware 4.0 Update Released

The all-in-one Digital Mixstation known as the Stanton SCS.4DJ now has a new firmware update that will give users even more control over the way they playback their music. The new 4.0 firmware update is absolutely free to all owners of the Stanton SCS.4DJ and will give users a host of new features that everyone is sure to enjoy. Check out the list of new features and the link inside to get the update today.


Stanton SCS.4DJ Updates Now Available

Stanton has just released a system software update, SC-IX Version 2.0 and a new offline music file analyzer, QuickGrid software for the SCS.4DJ Mixstation. These two updates look to further improve the SCS.4DJ user experience while DJing and preparing music files for performance. Some of the performance updates include increased speed when switching between different on-screen menus, (especially for users with large libraries) and the ability to do the track analysis work offline at high speeds with QuickGrid. Check out the full press release and other upgrades to the SCS.4DJ after the jump.


Stanton SCS.4DJ Firmware 3.0 Update Released

The new Stanton SCS.4DJ 3.0 Firmware is now available for free download to all current and future SCS.4DJ owners. We spoke to ProfessorXB from the Stanton Team who breaks down all the new improvements found on the unit. The new improvements are so drastic, that we had to go re-visit and update the review with these findings which greatly improve the usability of the unit. Check out the video, our review update, and the full press release inside.


Stanton SCS.4DJ Now Shipping Worldwide

The first true all-in-one Digital DJ Mixstation is now available to everyone Worldwide! We reviewed the Stanton SCS.4DJ mixstation about two months ago and since then, they have been seen everywhere making an impact on the DJ world. The Stanton SCS.4DJ has an on-board computer, DJ software, and LCD screen in one little package so that DJ's have everything they need to start mixing and scratching. Check out our full video review and press release inside.


Stanton SCS 1 System Unboxing Video

We have just completed a short video of the unboxing and first impressions of the Stanton SCS.1 Digital DJ System. Our good peeps over at Stanton sent me a set of SCS.1d (decks) and a SCS.1m (mixer) so I could complete a full video review and let everyone know the capabilities of this advanced system. I am working diligently on the full review as we speak and the system will be tested on the new Traktor Pro 2 software setup. Check out the video inside so you can get a quick preview of what is to come.