Stanton SCS.1m Review



Although the SCS.1m is in some ways a “mixer,” it’s more appropriately called a mix controller. Designed in an intuitive DJ mixer format that should be instantly familiar to anyone who’s ever stepped behind the decks, the SCS.1m features four channel strips with faders, EQ controls, and high-precision metering, as well as a responsive crossfader, and a straightforward Cue / Monitoring section.

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Stanton SCS 1 System Unboxing Video

We have just completed a short video of the unboxing and first impressions of the Stanton SCS.1 Digital DJ System. Our good peeps over at Stanton sent me a set of SCS.1d (decks) and a SCS.1m (mixer) so I could complete a full video review and let everyone know the capabilities of this advanced system. I am working diligently on the full review as we speak and the system will be tested on the new Traktor Pro 2 software setup. Check out the video inside so you can get a quick preview of what is to come.