Stanton SMX-501 Review



A 3-channel mixer with features sure to appeal to DJs who scratch and mix. Its layouts delivers a multitude of useful functions in an uncluttered and efficient layout. Sporting a Penny & Giles fader similar to those found on the SA models, it is reliable mixer for those wishing to scratch. An abundance of features such as kill switches for each EQ band and assignable effects for each channel make this mixer ideal for techno use as well.

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Staff Review


Stanton SMX-501

is Stanton's top of the line hybrid 3-channel


.  The custom P&G faders with curve adjustment and crossfader reverse are sure to please a scratch DJ. On the other hand, club/rave DJs will appreciate the SMX-501's powerful 3 band EQ, kill switches, channel/mic assignable effects.  Even with all these features, the layout of the

Stanton SMX-501 mixer

remains uncluttered and easy to use.  Stanton has also paid attention to the details, placing the crossfader assign switches conveniently on the front panel.