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Stanton STR8-150/ST-150 Turntables Review Review

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The Stanton ST.150 and STR8.150 Professional Vinyl turntables are arguably the best DJ turntables with the best motor out on the market today! I just traded in my set of Denon DJ DN-S3700's for a new set of Stanton ST.150's to "go back to my vinyl roots". So I decided to complete a quick unboxing & quick rundown review video so you know exactly what you are getting if you decide to pick up a set for your own DJ needs. These decks have been around for a while, so the HD Review Video is short and sweet...

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Review Video & Demo

Setup & First Impressions

The Stanton ST-150 (S-tonearm) and STR8-150 (Straight-tonearm) are the premier turntables from the Stanton DJ Lineup. They've been around since about 2005, and they are still arguably the best turntables with the best and strongest motor out on the market today. Turntablists all over the world swear by them and they are now proven in the longevity category with a 7-year history already in the books.

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The upper body of the turntable is all steel while the lower portion of the deck is a very heavy rubber material for dampening and isolation purposes. These are some seriously heavyweight turntables clocking in at a bit over 42lbs each! That's a lot of high quality components that are all built to last.

Along with getting an excellent turntable with an excellent motor, there are lots of nice extra features such as the ability to play records in 33, 45, and 78 RPM, a reverse play button, Separate Start & Stop speed adjustment knobs, adjustable pitch range buttons (8%, 25%, 50%), internal power grounding, rubber feet, replaceable pop-up light, and two start/stop buttons aligned in the perfect position for turntablists and scratch DJ's who like to place their decks in the battle configuration. To top it all off, it comes with a nice felt slip mat and a Stanton 680.V3 cartridge to get you started.

In conclusion, we recommend the Stanton ST-150 and STR8-150 Professional Turntables to any DJ or Turntablist who is very serious about their craft and need a serious machine to hone their skills. The ST-150/STR8-150 turntables are possibly the best out there on the market today. After using countless numbers of turntables in my 19 year history, I would be inclined to agree with the statement. The Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 turntables exude super-high quality and a heavy duty build.


  • All Steel Heavy-Duty Construction
  • Very Strong High-Torque Direct Drive Turntable Motor
  • Nice "Extra" Feature Set
  • Comes with a Stanton 680.V3 Mounted Cartridge & Felt slip mat
  • Turntablist "Standard" Turntable for Scratching


  • No Turntable Cover



Stanton STR8-150 Turntables + SAE Beat & Breaks Battle

My personal turntables of choice are the Stanton ST-150's and for very good reason. They have very high torque motors and they are built like tanks with a pretty solid track record to boot. The folks at the SAE Beat and Breaks Battle also share the same sentiments as the (straight-tonearm counterpart) Stanton STR8-150's will be used as their standard turntable for the National competitions this year.


Turntablist Video Friday: Stanton 150 Turntables

In my opinion, the greatest analog turntables on the market right now are the Stanton STR8-150 (Straight tonearm) and Stanton ST-150 (S-tonearm) decks. They have super-strong motors, sturdy construction, and a familiar layout that works flawlessly. It seems that the DJ's and teachers at the Scratch Academy also think the same as they use the Stanton 150 decks in their everyday setups. Check out the video inside to see what the Scratch Academy DJ's have to say.


Turntablist Video Friday: Denon DN-S3700 Vs. Stanton 150 Turntables

It's not everyday that you get a comparison video between analog and digital turntables. On this rare occasion DJ Demonite puts his Denon DN-S3700 digital MIDI Controllers up against a set of Stanton ST-150 turntables and a set of Stnaotn STR8-150 turntables as well. In this three way battle, you will see DJ Demonite put it down on the 1's and 2's regardless of gear type. Check out the full video inside.


Coming Soon: Stanton ST/STR Turntable Decksaver Covers

We've been fans of the Decksaver products since the beginning. For those who aren't familiar with them, the Decksaver is a clear shatter-proof cover that rests snugly over DJ equipment to provide protection and to look good while doing it. These covers always fit perfectly over their intended device and they also stand the test of time. (the US distributor for Decksaver) has announced that the Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 has a protective Decksaver on the way and we'll be sure to get a pair in the lab for our own custom turntables.