Stanton ST.150 & STR8-150 Gets New Cartridges

This year at Musikmesse 2013, Stanton has announced that their long standing flagship turntables (the ST-150 and STR8-150) will get new cartridges included in the box for all future production runs. So if someone purchases a Stanton ST-150 (S-tonearm) turntable, they will get a TrackMaster V.3 uni-body cartridge and the buyers of the Stanton STR8-150 (Straight-tonearm) turntable will get the SM V.3 headshell mountable cartridge. Check out the full press release, our turntable review, and a few words on the upgrade after the jump.


Stanton STR8-150 Turntables + SAE Beat & Breaks Battle

My personal turntables of choice are the Stanton ST-150's and for very good reason. They have very high torque motors and they are built like tanks with a pretty solid track record to boot. The folks at the SAE Beat and Breaks Battle also share the same sentiments as the (straight-tonearm counterpart) Stanton STR8-150's will be used as their standard turntable for the National competitions this year.