Stanton Str8-80 Review



The Str8-80s best features are those made possible by being digital rather than analog. Its digital output allows you to burn records onto CD using your computer. In addition, its digital input allows devices such as CD and MP3 players to be hooked up to the table and play through the mixer.

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The best features of the



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Stanton Str8-80 turntable

are made possible by its digital capabilities.  In addition to having a strong direct drive motor and an accurate pitch control, the Str8-80 has a digital output which you can plug directly into a CD burner or computer. The

Stanton Str8-80 turntable

also comes with an MP3 line in, which allows you to run an MP3 player, walkman, CD player, etc. though the Str8-80 and into your mixer.  This feature is handy if you have already used up all the inputs on your mixer.  The key correction is also useful since it allows you to change the tempo of a song without changing the pitch.  This fixes the problem of voices getting distorted when the pitch is set too high or too low.  The reverse feature is also nice since it has three uses.  The most obvious of which is that it will spin a record backwards.  In addition, this feature can also be set to spin a record back to a cue point. Lastly, this feature can also turn off the electronic brake, allowing you to slowly wind a record down without cutting the power like you have to do on the Technics.