Stanton T.90 USB Turntable Review



The Stanton T.90 USB is a professional quality turntable with high-torque direct drive motor and a USB output...

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Staff Review

Stanton T.90 USB Review

By: DJ BLAZE (djblaze@djbooth.net)

The Stanton T.90 USB turntable is the newest Stanton turntable which allows its DJ’s to convert their existing vinyl collections into quality digital audio files (using the provided software) and still have the features, versatility, and durability to hold up to most DJ’s (and moderate scratch artists) performance demands.



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I would like to start out by give a big Thank You to Stanton for sending out a new unit for this review and giving me the extra time needed to complete this review.

The Stanton T.90 USB turntable looks awesome right out of the box. I am really SHOCKED at the quality of this unit!!! It is definitely built second to none and built to last. The T.90 USB frame is made of an alloyed-looking, rugged molded plastic (to save weight for the DJ’s on the go). The rest of the T.90 is metal and almost indestructible weighing in at a strong 18lbs. Moving right along, we have the excellent four shock-absorbing feet under the T.90 USB which are soft rubber pads. The Platter on the unit is also solid and ready for abuse. In the back of the T.90 USB there is a power button, power socket, digital audio jack (S/PDIF coaxial), USB port, RCA outputs, and a switch to change between phono and line modes. The T.90 USB comes with a soft poly slip mat, RCA cables, software, USB cable, manuals, and power cables.

On the top face of the Stanton T.90 USB there is a mode selector switch for 33, 45, and 78RPMs, two start/stop brake buttons (for those of us who are scratch-enabled), a reverse button (again, mostly for us scratch heads), pitch control slider (8% or 12% ranges), and a key-lock button (pitch lock mode is for digitally changing a song's speed without changing the pitch).

Connecting the Stanton T.90 USB to the computer was also Super-Easy!!! Windows XP machines will recognize the USB audio drivers as soon as it is plugged in. No installation is required…just simple plug and play. The T.90 comes with Cakewalk's Pyro 5 software. Using Pyro 5 to convert vinyl to a digital file was SIMPLE to say the least. The program allows the user to record a full side their vinyl in one pass, and then later you can go though and edit, separate tracks, and save them as MP3, WMA, or WAV files.

The amazing thing about this turntable is that it has the USB capability, while still being able to hold up to most DJ’s demands; and even a decent amount of scratching. If your Stanton T.90 USB is set up correctly, then you should be able to bump the table with your hand and still not make the record skip. The Stanton T.90 USB is designed to let even professional turntablists perform some serious scratching without ruining the motor or the needle. I actually put it to the test and gave it my normal crab and chirp scratches to see if I could get this thing to skip, but to no avail!!! The Motor holds up pretty good when scratching and juggling, but it isn’t as good as the motor found in the Technics 1200 or the Stanton 150 or 120 series. This turntable doesn’t claim to have the best motor out there, but it does deliver on its promise to provide usability to performance DJ’s while utilizing a USB package all at the same time.


The Stanton T.90 USB is very sleek and sexy in design; and build quality is definitely on the high end. It comes with plenty of features, and offers DJs and vinyl collectors a way to bring their collections into the digital world. The audio output is very clean and adequate for rocking parties, listening to music, or recording through USB. The Stanton T.90 USB turntable is a great choice for the intermediate performance/mobile DJs who also would like to back-up their vinyl collection. If you are heavy into turntablism and scratching, then you might want to look at some other higher-end tables with a slightly stronger motor. If you are only looking to back up your vinyl to digital format, then you can also find another more affordable unit…But if you are like the thousands of DJ’s who need both of these functions; then this turntable is definitely for you.



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