Technics 1200 Decksaver Announced!

The club environment can be harsh, with smoke, dust and sticky liquids being daily hazards for DJs and club owners to keep in check. Decksavers are specifically designed to keep your technology investment safe and sound.

For mobile DJ's, professionals, and everything in between, the Decksavers have done it again with their new Technics 1200 cover. Throughout my years as a DJ (17 of them to be exact), I have used about 100 different Technics setups but I have only seen a handful of actual Technics 1200 covers. This is usually due to the fact that most of these decks are used and never came with the covers, or the owners simply discarded them after purchasing some truly road-worthy protective cases. Either way, if you want to give your Technics a new look or some bedroom dust protection; then look no further!

"The club environment can be harsh, with smoke, dust and sticky liquids being daily hazards for DJs and club owners to keep in check. Decksavers are specifically designed to keep your technology investment safe and sound.

Decksaver covers are tailor-made to exacting standards to fit the SL-1200 like a glove. Rather than using cheaper inferior acrylic, each one is made from Polycarbonate - a very hardwearing plastic used in bullet proof glass - and made to fit your gear as closely as possible. The use of Polycarbonate means that thinner material can be used, making for discrete, strong yet attractive protection for your Technics units. Indeed, great care is taken to trim each Decksaver to achieve the best fit and still leave cables in place."



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Coming Soon: Stanton ST/STR Turntable Decksaver Covers

We've been fans of the Decksaver products since the beginning. For those who aren't familiar with them, the Decksaver is a clear shatter-proof cover that rests snugly over DJ equipment to provide protection and to look good while doing it. These covers always fit perfectly over their intended device and they also stand the test of time. Mixware.net (the US distributor for Decksaver) has announced that the Stanton ST-150/STR8-150 has a protective Decksaver on the way and we'll be sure to get a pair in the lab for our own custom turntables.


The Technics 1200 Turntables Are Back!

Today, Panasonic unveiled the new limited edition Technics SL-1200 GAE turntable at the CES trade show. A standard edition SL-1200G version will be available later this year. This is great news for DJ's all over as there is a new Technics turntable on the market that takes what made the original so good and adds to it to make it even better. The new 1200's have the same iconic look and feel of the originals but they will have even more technology inside which will eliminate rotational vibrations for better sound, more upgrades to the iconic motor for smoothness, and a platter that has brass, aluminium, and rubber for even more durability.


2010 - The End of The Technics 1200 Era

We all knew it would happen sooner or later, but maybe just not this soon. The World's best selling DJ tool, the Technics 1200's have finally stopped production of all analog models in the year of 2010. So as the 2010 year closes out today; it takes with it a piece of gear that started it all (for most of us). A piece of gear that made it all possible for DJ's to do all types of trickery without fear of breakage or inconsistency. (Continued Inside).


Technics Slipmats Available at Mixware.net

Mixware.net is the company that is responsible for bringing some great DJ brands from the Eastern Hemisphere of the world, over to the United States. Among those brands include UDG, Magma, and Electrix. Mixware.net is now bringing us the iconic Technics 1200 turntable slipmats directly from Magma, making them available to all Technics owners once again.


Denon DN-S3700 DECKSAVER Feature Video

Thanks to my guys over at Mixware.net, I finally got my hands on a set of DECKSAVERs to cover and protect the beloved Denon DN-S3700's when they aren't in use. Personally, I think DJ gear is a work of art when sitting on a table all neat and tidy, and I never quite liked the idea of covering them up. In steps the DECKSAVER company from the UK to save the day with a product that offers protection while still showing off the beautiful form of my digital decks. (VIDEO INSIDE)


NAMM 2011 - New Decksavers on Display

The popular DJ equipment covers and protectors brought to us by Decksaver (And Mixware for the US) are at it again at NAMM 2011. This time they are bringing out new covers for some very popular DJ devices that made their debut in 2010. Introducing the Decksaver for the Traktor S4, the Pioneer CDJ-850, the American Audio VMS4, and the Vestax Typhoon. More Pics and Information inside.