Technics RPDH1200 Headphones Review



Sporting stylistic touches similar to the SL-DZ1200 Digital Turntable, the Technics RPDH1200 Headphones also offer unprecedented advantages like a removable/replaceable cord and replaceable earpads.

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Staff Review

What’s Up to my fellow DJ’s, Turntablists, remix artists, etc…This review should have been out a long time ago, but better late than never (plus it gives me the opportunity to test out the headphones for the long haul)! Before purchasing the Technics RPDH1200 headphones, I was using a cheap set of Stanton Headphones (their bottom of the line set) which couldn’t handle the full volume and spectrum of sounds I was hoping for out of a set of DJ headphones. I definitely needed something which could block out the background noise and isolate my mix from the outside world. I also needed something very rugged and durable so I wouldn’t end up purchasing a new set anytime soon. I am very happy to announce that the Technics RPDH1200 Headphones does all this and much, much more!


Technics doesn’t really produce that many DJ products; so the announcement of a new set of DJ Headphones that bare a striking resemblance to the Technics SL1200s and the DZ1200s was highly anticipated. These Headphones look stunning to say the least. They are all silver with the big black ear muffs that mute the outside sounds perfectly. At the top there is a black padded Technics Logo which is for comfort as well as style. The sides of the Headphones are retractable and very thick which means they are built to last. Moving further down the sides; the Technics RPDH1200 Headphones have a swivel and rotate feature on both ear muffs so that you can completely turn the whole ear muff around so that you can have shoulder operation when you need to get off a quick mix. The possibilities are endless at the different ways these things can be rotated and used. These headphones also fold up into a more “compact” state so that they can easily be toted around in the all leather Technics pouch that comes with the headphones. The Technics RPDH1200 Headphones come with a very heavy duty earphone cord which is about 12ft long (coiled to look only about 3ft) and completely replaceable and detachable from both ends of the headphones. You can unplug the cord from the earphones itself for easy replacement in case of damage. Both sides of the cable are gold plated to ensure maximum sound quality. The construction is a very hard plastic material that can also flex to avoid breakage. The Joints are all super reinforced so that it doesn’t flex in the wrong way. The overall construction is very solid and sturdy, but yet built comfortable enough for hours of continuous use. The Design is right on!



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Sound Quality:

When Purchasing a set of $160 headphones from a huge name in the DJ industry like Technics, you know you are going to get very good sound quality, and they don’t disappoint. These headphones give you very crisp highs and deep throaty bass. The Technics RPDH1200 headphones can handle the full volume on almost any mixer extremely well; without distortion or flutter. The ear muffs on these headphones are very thick and made of leather which snug’s the ear perfectly. They EASILY block out nearly 98% of all outside sound; even with them turned off you can’t hear someone speaking to you with these on your ears! In the club environment, I was able to pull off my mixes without the need of a monitor speaker because the headphones acted like my monitor and it also blocked out all of the noise while I was performing.


The Technics RPDH1200 Headphones are super-comfortable. I have never put on a set of ear muff style headphones that feel better than these. The Leather headband sports about an inch thick of soft pad which hugs the top of the dome perfectly. The Ear muffs are made in the same soft leather material and padding to ensure a good feel even when performing for hours on end. The cable is only on the left side, so it makes it easy to maneuver around a single cord instead of a “Y” type of cable where you have to be mindful of where the cable is because it could easily be pulled out.


The Technics RPDH1200 is a very solid set of DJ Headphones. In my opinion; these headphones do everything they are supposed to do plus more. The addition of the fully detachable cable and all leather ear muffs and top band make these headphones for the TRUE professional. They are built very sturdy (possibly more sturdy than any other headphones I have ever used), and they handle the volumes thrown at it from nearly every mixer on the market (tested on PMC-08pro, SA-5, Numark DXM-Pro, and more). Both Ear muffs have their own rotate, swivel, and retraction so that any DJ can set them up for many different types of operation (i.e. shoulder operation, one cup to your ear operation, etc…) I have had these headphones for over a year now and this is what I use in my personal setup; so I can attest to the durability of the unit and it is second to none.

The price is a little steep, but in this case it is definitely worth it…especially if you want a set of headphones to last you 5+ years.