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Technics Reveals It's Most Premium Turntable To Date

The SP-10R is Technics “most premium analog, direct-drive turntable to date."
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As the sales of vinyls continue to slowly bounce back, Technics returns with another premium turntable – their most premium to date – the SP-10R. Technics began it's comeback in 2015, the company's 50th anniversary, when they developed the SL-1200GAE/G, which released in 2016, and then followed with the SL-1200GR, which released in 2017. The SP-10R is expected to be released in summer of 2018.

Technics is aiming for the world's highest performing turntable, and their parent company, Panasonic, stated that the prototype has the following features, which can be viewed in detail on their site.

  1. A coreless direct-drive motor featuring a new structure
  2. Platter weight increased for more stable rotation
  3. Newly developed, ultra-low-noise power supply

Expect more details on the release of the turntable in 2018, but also expect a hefty price tag, and start saving now.

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