Choosing DJ Cartridges


Choosing Turntable Cartridges

    If you bought turntables chances are your going to have to buy cartridges for them. Cartridges cost anywhere from $20-$100 and replacement needles for them cost a little less than half of what the cartridge costs. If you do a lot of scratching your going to want a cartridge which has good scratch resistance and a low tracking force (so you don't ruin your records). Club and dance DJs would most likely prefer a cartridge with good sound quality. In addition to normal cartridges that mount on the turntable headshell, there are also concord-style cartridges which screw directly into the tone arm. Concord-style cartridges are mostly used by dance DJs.

Scratch Cartridges

Club Cartridges

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Monster Jamz Mini-Review

Every DJ needs a pair of headphones that are portable but still deliver the type of professional sound that were used to. Monster, known for creating the Beats by Dre Studio headphones recently gave us a pair of their Jamz and Jamz Mini in-ear headphones to try out and see if they are good for the DJ on the move. Do they deliver? Click to find out!