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Choosing DJ Mixers


Choosing a Mixer

Your choice of mixer should depend on two factors; the type of music you are planning to play and how much money you're willing to spend. Mixers usually come in two types, battle and club. There are also hybrid mixers which are a combination of the two.

Battle Mixers

Battle Mixers are for those DJs who want become scratch artists or incorporate scratches

into their mixing. Battle mixers usually have a smooth, durable cross-fader with an adjustable fader curve. An adjustable fader curve is almost necessary to perform complex scratches. Battle mixers are used mostly by Hip Hop DJs.

Recommended DJ Equipment: Battle Mixers



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Club Mixers

Club Mixers can be used by hip hop DJs but are more suited for dance music. This is due to their multiple channels (inputs) as well as powerful EQs and sound effects. They are recommended for any DJs who do not do quick mix transitions or complex scratches.

Recommended DJ Equipment: Club Mixers

Hybrid Mixers

Hybrid mixers are great for those who want mix techno as well as hip hop. Hybrid mixers often have cross faders which are good for scratching as well as powerful EQs for mixing dance music. Often Hybrid Mixers have 3 channels, which should be enough for most DJs.

Recommended DJ Equipment: Hybrid Mixers

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