TJ Mizell Show Karen Civil The Baby Scratch [Video]

In <strong>TJ Mizell</strong>’s latest post, celebrity blogger, author, and influencer <strong>Karen Civil</strong> stops by the downtown LA <strong>Scratch DJ Academy</strong> to mix it up. He teaches her the famous "Baby Scratch" and discovers her new DJ name, DJ UnCivil. Check it out for a quick refresher and to get a glimpse of the Scratch Academy in LA.
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TJ Mizell

’s latest post, celebrity blogger, author, and influencer

Karen Civil

stops by the downtown LA

Scratch DJ Academy

to mix it up. He teaches her the famous "Baby Scratch" and discovers her new DJ name, DJ UnCivil. Check it out for a quick refresher and to get a glimpse of the Scratch Academy in LA.

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Pro DJ Setups: TJ Mizell

In today's day and age, buying DJ equipment online can be as trustworthy and reliable as that $1,000,000 you just won off a pop-up ad. It is for that reason that we here at DJBooth have a strong appreciation for our friends over at American Musical Supply and the quality service they provide to not only our readers, but our staff as well. Over the past few weeks, we have teamed up with them to talk with five of the hottest DJs in music today to see what kind of equipment they are rocking. Hit the jump to check out our second partnered DJ, TJ Mizell!


Scratch Summit Miami Music Week 2014 WMC

The annual Winter Music Conference held in Miami, Florida, can be one of the craziest places in the country to be in early spring, and this year was no exception. While there is a broad range of music being showcased, there is still a heavy hip-hop influence in the 305. Scratch Academy Miami was able to host a Scratch Summit during WMC and brought through hip-hop legends including 2 Live Crew, DJ Cash Money, and more. The summit included speech panels, DJ battles, showcases and other DJ oriented activities, all hosted by the renowned academy. It’s a beautiful thing to see turntablism thriving in sunny south Florida. Peep the recap video below.


[Video] Scratch DJ Academy - Semester 10

The Scratch DJ Academy just celebrated their 10th Year Anniversary on January 15th, 2013 with heavy hitter DJ's such as DJ Qbert, ATRAK, and Kool Herc on hand in the NYC Scratch Academy to put their skills on display and show you what can be learned through the curriculum. The Scratch DJ Academy is the absolute best place to go if you want to learn how to DJ and produce music with hands-on experience, lessons, and advice directly from industry professionals and experts. Check out the video performances from the event and enrolling class information after the jump.


Numark V7's at the Scratch Academy (VIDEO)

The Numark V7's are making their way around the country to show DJ's what the new Media Controller has to offer. Everyone is giving these decks high praise and Numark stopped by the Scratch Academy in LA to let the turntablists get a crack at the V7.


Reloop Presents: SUPER SCRATCH WORLD! [Video]

A couple weeks ago our own DJ Blaze did an unboxing and first impression video on the Reloop RP-8000 professional MIDI turntable. Today’s video comes straight from Reloop, and presents renowned DJs, DJ Angelo and DJ Fong Fong, as they transform into the disc jockey versions of Mario and Luigi. The two turntablists perform on the new RP-8000 and demonstrate some of its new features in a creative way. This video combines a nice amount of comedy and DJing, while promoting the new product from Reloop.