Top 5 DJ Headphones 2016 [Video]

We've been reviewing professional DJ headphones on this site and youtube channel for years now and its finally time that we rank our top 5 DJ headphones heading into the new year. Check out our video inside to see which headphones made the cut.

We've been reviewing professional DJ headphones on this site and youtube channel for years now and its finally time that we rank our top 5 DJ headphones heading into the new year. Professional DJ headphones need to have great build quality, good quality sound, and good comfort level while performing. Check out our video to see the full rundown, then click on the links below the video to see our full video reviews of each headphone that made the list. Top 5 DJ Headphones for 2016

1. V-Moda Crossfade Wireless/Crossfade M-100's

2. Sennheiser HD-25

3. Sennheiser HD8 DJ

4. AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular

5. Pioneer HDJ-C70

Did we miss one of your own personal favorite headphones? What are your top 5 DJ headphones? Let us know in the comments section!

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[Video] V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Headphones Unboxing & First Impressions

The newest V-MODA over the ear headphones are being announced/released this week and we've already got our hands on a set (or two) for a complete and full out HD-Video review which will be completed shortly. The newest headphones in the V-MODA lineup are the Crossfade M-100 Pro DJ Headphones that share some similarities with the popular Crossfade LP2's but also add some cool new features that DJ's are sure to love. The most obvious upgrade that DJ's will enjoy is the new folding metal hinges found on the Crossfade M-100's that will allow DJ's to fold and collapse them into a smaller form factor for transport and storage. There's a few more updates that we'll go over in the full review to be released shortly. Check out the unboxing video inside to see a quick-look at a fresh set of Crossfade M-100 headphones.


[Video] Sennheiser HD-25 Aluminium Headphones Unboxing & First Impressions

The iconic Sennheiser HD-25 DJ Headphone has been out on the market for a full 25 years now and to commemorate the occasion Sennheiser has released the HD-25 Aluminium Edition headphones. The HD-25 Aluminium headphones boast even more durability and slightly better acoustics thanks to the high-grade aluminium ear cups. We'll give you our first impressions and show you what comes in the package to prepare you for our full video and written reviews coming soon.


Sennheiser HD6 MIX Headphones Unboxing & First Impressions [Video]

Sennheiser has just released their new "HD" lineup of three new performance headphones that is sure to please DJ's and Producers across different performance needs and cost levels. We recently reviewed the Sennheiser HD8 DJ flagship model headphones, but now we have the new HD6 MIX headphones that are optimized for production and mixing in the Lab for the full video and written review treatment. Check out our unboxing & first impressions video to see all that comes in the box.


Reloop RHP-5 Portable DJ Headphones Unboxing & First Impressions Video

Recently, we brought you the full review of the Reloop RHP-10 Professional grade DJ Headphones. Just a few months later, Reloop has released the compact, on-the-ear versions of those headphones along with smartphone control and a microphone built into the cable. Introducing the Reloop RHP-5 Portable DJ Headphones. We will bring you an official rundown review video shortly. Check out the unboxing and first impressions video for now to see the RHP-5's up close and personal. Video Inside.


[Video] Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear Headphones Unboxing & First Impressions

Sennheiser is known for its high-performance headphones for professional broadcasting and DJ's alike. Sennheiser has just released a new consumer oriented headphone called the Momentum On-Ear. The Momentum On-Ear headphones sport a minimalistic design that is all business with a solid metal construction and top-tier materials used throughout. Even the stitching is impressive. We'll put them through the paces to see if they can hold up in the DJ environment, but check out the unboxing video to get our first impressions and to see all that comes in the box.


AIAIAI TMA-2 Modular Headphone Unboxing [Video]

The AIAIAI team have produced a new Modular Professional Headphone system that allows users to create their own custom sound and fit they need. The new TMA-2 headphones have replaceable and interchangeable headbands, speakers, earcups, and cables so that every type of user can build their unique setup.