Traktor Kontrol D2 Review



NI has sent us two of their newest compact DJ controllers for Traktor called the Traktor Kontrol D2 for the full review treatment. The Traktor Kontrol D2 is essentially the "deck" section of the recently reviewed Traktor Kontrol S8 DJ controller and it sports the same hi-res screen and heavy remix/stem deck control with multicolored backlit pads and volume controls. The D2 and the S8 uses the remix deck controls and screens to manipulate the new Stems file format.

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Review Video & Demo

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Setup & First Impressions

The Traktor Kontrol D2 has the hi-res screen to show the waveforms, BPM, track information, library navigation, hot cues, loops, and much more. The D2 also has the same effects controls, remix deck/stems controls, loop controls, touchstrips, multicolor backlit pads, and Freeze controls that are found on the Traktor Kontrol S8 that we reviewed a few months ago. In fact, the D2 is actually the deck section of the S8 and they work best when used in pairs. The D2 hardware has foldable rubber-padded feet that extend to raise the unit to standard mixer height, or angled towards the user. The D2 also has dual USB ports and a dual power cable so that two D2's can be chained together with one common connection for the power and one common connection for the USB connectivity to the computer.

Check out our full video review above for more details on the Traktor Kontrol D2 Controller.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In Conclusion, the Traktor Kontrol D2 is an excellent controller for users who want full control of the new Stems file format without having to make room for a giant Traktor Kontrol S8 in the DJbooth or for those users who want to perform with their own mixers. The D2 has great build quality with a metal top plate and hi-res screen for Traktor software control information. The D2 has the Best Remix/Stems Deck implementation and it also sports the 8 RGB backlit pads for different mode control. On the downside, the user will likely need to purchase two D2 controllers because it is easier to mix the Stems files this way and the whole ecosystem also depends on if users want to DJ with Stems files most of the time. Other than that, the D2 is an excellent Traktor Deck controller and a fantastic way to control Stems file playback.


  • Great Build Quality (Metal Top Panel)
  • Hi-Res Screen For Traktor Software Control Info
  • Best Remix/Stems Deck Implementation Control
  • 8 RGB Backlit Pads for Different Modes


  • Better when used in Pairs
  • Geared towards Stem DJ's



Traktor Kontrol S5 Announced

Today, Native Instruments has announced their new controller called the Traktor Kontrol S5. This new controller takes the familiar body, shape, and mixing portions from the popular Traktor Kontrol S4 and removes the jog wheels in favor of screens, touch sensitive controls, and larger pads to work the new Stems file format with ease.