Ultrasone Announces Delivery of HFI-2400 Headphone

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Wildomar, Calif. - (January 8, 2010) – Ultrasone Inc., distributor for German headphone manufacturer Ultrasone AG, announces the delivery of its flagship HFI Series headphone – the HFI-2400.

The HFI-2400 is the newest top of the line for the HFI family that stands for excellent, high fidelity sound reproduction. To do this, Ultrasone developed a gold-plated 40mm transducer that, by means of its decentralized placement, presents a more realistic and spatial sound production. With a frequency response of 10 hertz to 25 kilohertz, the HFI-2400 comprises more than the spectrum of human hearing and assures that all of the frequencies in a recording are correctly reproduced. Melodiously, Ultrasone has aimed for a dynamic and detailed sound with brilliant trebles and despite being an open-back headphone, boasts thunderous bass.

The decentralized placement of the drivers guarantees a previously unrealized three-dimensional sound. For utmost comfort, Ultrasone has chosen a high quality, soft padding for the ears and the top of the head. Weighing in at only 292 grams, (just over 10 ounces), long music sessions turn into pure pleasure. The HFI-2400 is especially outfitted with mu-metal shielding that reduces the electro-magnetic emissions up to 98% compared to other headphones on the market. This patented technology to reduce electro-smog is unique.

The HFI-2400 is made of a high quality plastic housing that is not only long lasting but is also scratch resistant and robust. In order to provide many hours of enjoyment with the HFI-2400, the earpads where designed to be removable and therefore interchangeable. Also, the high quality cord, along with a gold-plated ¼ inch adapter, is easily disconnected and is also interchangeable. The company is even setting standards with the included accessories: next to a high quality 9.8-foot cord with gold-plated connectors, Ultrasone includes an audio CD that gives impressing evidence of the high fidelity sound characteristics of its new top of the line. In addition, Ultrasone also includes a velvet transportation bag to store and transport the HFI-2400.

The Ultrasone HFI-2400 is now available in HiFi specialist and Pro Audio shops for $329 U.S./ $399 CAD. Alternatively, the headphone is also available online through the Ultrasone Shop USA at www.ultrasone.com.

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