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Ultrasone DJ1-Pro Headphones Review

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The Ultrasone DJ1-Pro headphones provide premium performance via a closed back design and the proprietary S-Logic natural surround sound.

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Staff Review

Ultrasone DJ1 PRO Headphones

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I would first like to start out by sending a Big “thank you” shout out to the good people over at Ultrasone and their marketing partners for allowing the opportunity to review their line of products. When I first read about the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro headphones, I definitely had high hopes for them as their price is fairly high (above $200 a pair), and due to the fact that they are made by a company that is known to produce high quality units that work exceptionally well for their intended use. With that being said, if the initial packaging is any indication of what is yet to come, then we are in for a great product! Fresh out of the box the headphones come packaged in an all-black nylon firm case that has a high-quality feel to it. As the case is unzipped we get a glimpse of the white and black color scheme of the headphone drivers and headband. The case itself contains a netted pocket that will prove useful to any mobile DJ who needs that extra space to carry small items. Packaged with the unit are a Welcome CD ROM, an owner’s manual, a 10ft straight cable with an integrated individually adjustable volume control, a 10ft coiled headphone cable, and a ¼” to 1/8” adapter.

The Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones are designed VERY well. I have been using headphones for DJing for many years now and these are definitely high on my list of favorites. First of all, the white and black color scheme is unique and stylish. The earphones are super soft and will provide hours upon hours of comfort when spinning long gigs. The entire unit is made of a strong polymer type material which is extremely lightweight which also adds to the comfort level. The Headphones have a good level of “give” in them so they won’t simply snap and break if an accident happens. Each ear-pad is on a 2-way swivel giving the DJ the ability to fold them for transportation or rotate the pads outward to check the mix with one ear. The earphones are fully replaceable by simply turning them counterclockwise. The height is also fully adjustable. At the top of the headband, there is a nice thick piece of cushion to provide the DJ with even more comfort. Overall, these are a very comfortable and lightweight set of headphones with nice aesthetics.

The DJ1 Pro Headphones come with a straight detachable 10ft cable which has a cool new feature. It has a controller integrated into the cable that allows the DJ to independently control the volume for each earphone separately. On this controller there is also a switch to make them play in Mono or Stereo mode. This was a neat feature to play around with, but I’m not sure how many times I would use it in the future. However, they included a 10ft coiled cable without the controller for DJ’s like me.

The sound quality of the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones is also very high. I was impressed at the crisp highs and deep lows I was able to achieve with these headphones. I am not an audiophile, but out of other expensive DJ headphones (Technics, Denon, Pioneer, Stanton top models), the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones have a clearer sound than the rest. These headphones are also designed to protect your hearing. There is a built-in Natural surround sound system that gives DJ’s a 40% lower db output without losing the same level of “loudness”. Throughout my testing I did notice that the overall volume was a bit lower than my usual Technics Headphones and this held true on two different mixers. I can tell that the headphones exhibit good isolation qualities, but I can’t be sure that the volume levels of the headphones along with the isolation will be enough to block out the sounds of a loud club or party setting.

Conclusion: The Ultrasone DJ1 Pro is definitely a good/high-quality pair of headphones, but at the current price point, I was expecting a bit more. They are designed brilliantly and they come packaged with all the extras that a DJ could want. They are also the most comfortable DJ Headphones I have ever used. The lightweight design makes them a MUST-HAVE for the DJ who doesn’t want his head and neck to ache the next day. I feel that the headphones could have been a bit more powerful and louder to easily overpower all the outside sounds that DJ’s experience during their gigs. The Headphones also could have a slightly more rigid structure (possibly lightweight titanium?) to give them a bit more sturdiness in their construction. Overall, the Ultrasone DJ1 Pro Headphones deliver in sound quality and ergonomic design and I would recommend them to anyone who can afford them.