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Urbanears is a relatively new headphone company with a superb line of headphones of all shapes, colors, and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs. The Zinken headphones are the first True Professional DJ-style of headphones from Urbanears that are advertised as being able to take the rigors of the mobile DJ lifestyle, while also providing long-lasting comfort and style in the process. We'll put the claims to the test in my HD-Video and written review inside.

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Setup & First Impressions

Urbanears is a relatively new headphone company with a superb line of headphones of all shapes, colors, and sizes to suit all sorts of listening styles and needs. The Zinken headphones are the first True Professional DJ-style of headphones from Urbanears that are advertised as being able to take the rigors of the mobile DJ lifestyle, while also providing long-lasting comfort and style in the process. The Urbanears Zinken are pretty similar to the Plattan models that were very popular last year, but the Zinken headphones have some noticeable changes where the matrials and hinges are concerned, all in the name of the DJ user. It sounds like Urbanears are heading in the right direction for DJ’s needs this time around and below we’ll let you know just how they hold up to the tests.



The Design of the Urbanears Zinken Pro DJ headphones is very generic, but in a cool way. They have a no-nonsense look to them where everything has a specific purpose within the design. They come in ten different colors and they all have a “Flat” type paint style to them. This way they can be as tame or as wild as your personal preference suggests. Around the outsides of the headband and the outsides of the earcups, the Flat paint also has a rubberized texture to them. The part that extends out of the headband for more length is a hard plastic. The cable is very unique and intuitive. It is completely detachable. One end is a mini 1/8-inch connector while the other end has a ¼-inch connector. The right earcup has an 1/8-inch output, while the left earcup has a ¼-inch output. This way you will never need a ¼-inch or 1/8-inch adapter because you will always have either one or the other at your disposal. This cable is known by Urbanears as the Turncable. Each earcup can also output the sound to another set of headphones so others can see what you are listening to if you wish. The cable is about 3ft but it is also coiled and can extend up to about 9ft when pulled to the max. The Turncable also has an in-line microphone and one-touch button for receiving or making calls on a compatible smartphone.

The earcups are mostly made of plastic with a nice rubberized coating to the outside with no real markings on it except for a tiny tag near the headband that shows the Urbanears Logo. The earcups are connected to the headband via a solid metal rod that also connects to another metal rod inside of the plastic housing at the joint. The design of the hinge is very durable and strong since both connecting points are actually metal. The housing around the metal hinge is plastic, but it doesn’t really absorb any of the headphone flex-stress from taking them off and putting them back on. The metal absorbs this energy and they do feel like they will last for a while. The headphones have 40mm dual-diaphragm drivers that are covered by some really comfortable memory foam pads and soft treated-Leather material that does not absorb sweat. These earpads actually fit on the ear but they are VERY comfortable and lightweight and provide EXCELLENT isolation and leakage protection. Even with the headphone music turned off and, it will be hard to even hear yourself speak. I was not expecting the level of high-isolation that the Urbanears Zinken exhibit straight out of the box.

The Urbanears Zinken Pro DJ headphones can fold and swivel like other DJ headphones and they will be easy to transport from place to place. They can’t exactly twist 360-degrees, but the level of folding and turning is adequate for almost all DJ’s listening styles. The headband on the Zinken headphones is thick and durable with the same rubberized coating on the top and the same comfort foam and treated-leather material on the underside. The headband maintains a constant pressure on your head without being uncomfortable. They have a good hold, but will still be great for long listening needs either on the decks or on the train.

Sound Quality

The Sound Quality of the Urbanears Zinken headphones is even better than I expected. These headphones run about $140 at retail, and in terms of durability and sound quality, I would say they are well worth it. The 40mm dual diaphragm drivers with 20 – 20,000 Hz frequency response provide really deep bass and pretty crispy playback of the mids and highs. These headphones perform great on all types of devices including smartphones and laptops while still working very well in the DJbooth. The Urbanears Zinken headphones have lows that were a bit louder than other headphones in this bracket. The lows do have a tendancy to drown out the mids and highs, but it only does so at the higher volumes. I was able to get these headphones to distort, but that was only while I had the mixer or controller volume levels way past the RED.

For DJ use, we used the Urbanears Zinken DJ headphones with a Vestax Mixer, Vestax Controller, Pioneer XDJ-AERO, and the Hercules RMX-2. Every time we used the Zinken headphones, the volumes were adequate and the sound stayed true and loud. When volumes were pushed to the max and near the “red”, the headphones did produce a bit of distortion, but virtually any headphone in this bracket will do the same. The Urbanears Zinken were great all-around performers with great listening experiences on smartphones, computers, DJ Mixers, and DJ controllers. As mentioned earlier, these headphones have excellent isolation properties and low leakage making them more than adequate for DJ use.

Conclusion / Recommended For

In conclusion the Urbanears Zinken headphones were advertised as being for DJ’s and they hit the nail right on the head. These are a very, very good set of headphones for DJ’s and they come in at a respectable price for all of the goodness you are getting in the package. They come in up to ten different colors, with a cool generic look. They have excellent sound isolation and low leakage and they are very comfortable inside and outside the DJ booth. The sound quality was great and the entire headphone package is very durable with metal hinge reinforcements. The unique Kevlar Turncable is also a DJ’s dream because you will never need another headphone adapter when jumping from one device to another.

On the downside, there is no pouch or carry case to put them in after you fold them up to take them with you and they start to distort if your mix is in the Red. If you can get over these minor gripes, then you will find an excellent set of DJ headphones that will last you for years to come and with good style to match. I’m going to recommend these headphones to any DJ looking for a high-quality set of cans that won’t exactly break the bank, but will work just as good at the DJ table as on an MP3 player.


  • Cool Generic Look w/ Huge Color Selection
  • Excellent Sound Isolation with Great Sound Quality
  • Very Comfortable for Longtime Listening
  • Foldable design for easy Storage/Transport
  • Very Durable with Metal Hinge reinforcements
  • Unique Kevlar Turncable with ¼-inch on one end and 1/8-inch on other


  • No Pouch or Carry Case
  • Distortion at very high volumes



Urbanears Zinken DJ Headphones

Urbanears has just announced that the new Zinken Professional DJ-Grade Headphones have now been released and we're working on getting a set for a full review. The Zinken headphones come in a large variety of colors and are built tough for professional DJ use. They have a tough coiled cable, ZoundPlug output feature, and a DJ oriented design that allows you to bend, twist, and fold the earcups to match your style of play. Check out the press release and links inside.


[Video] Urbanears Zinken Headphones Unboxing & First Impressions

The New Urbanears Zinken Professional DJ Headphones are now available for purchase around the globe and we've got a brand new set in the Lab for a full out HD-Video review. The Zinken headphones have metal reinforcements, 40mm drivers, a unique detachable cable, and a built-in mic and button for one-touch phone calls on smartphones. The Zinken are advertised as being for Pro-DJ use and we'll put those claims to the test shortly. The review will be completed within the next week or so, but check out the unboxing and first impressions video to hold you over until then.