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V-Moda M-80 (V-80 True Blood) Headphones Review

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Check out the full video and written review of the new True Blood V-Moda V-80 on-the-ear headphones to see how they stack up against the competition. I was very impressed by the style, sound quality, durability, and features of these compact headphones...so much so that I may just have to keep these for myself. These headphones are very versatile and could be the perfect companion to DJ's, Producers, and Cell phone/MP3 users alike. Peep the full video review inside

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The V-Moda V-80 Headphones are designed with very high-quality standards in mind. The black and red design cues are really fashionable and have a True-Blood-Vampire-like theme to them with the True Blood logo on the earcups. They have removable metal faceplates on each earcup that can be replaced with other True Blood designs (sold separately). The V-Moda V-80’s are mostly made out of metal and they are nearly indestructible.

The top of the Headband can bend and flex in ways I did not think was possible, while the actual sides that connect to the earcups are all metal and built to last. The padding on the headband is about an inch or so thick and provides good cushion for long performances or extended usage. The earcups themselves are on-the-ear style 40mm drivers which were just big enough to cover most of my big ears. They did a great job of isolating the outside sounds from interfering with my monitoring needs, even though they did not completely cover the entire ear.

I used these headphones for a huge Block Party gig that I had last week and the DJ monitoring performance of the V-Moda V-80’s was right on par with other professional-grade headphones that I have tested and reviewed in the past. Even though the music was very loud and I had active monitors right in front of my face, I only had to turn up the headphone volume on my mixer half-way in order to accurately hear my mixes. The hard carry case called the Exoskeleton Blood Vial Case provided more than enough protection for these cool headphones while also looking stylish in the process. The V-Moda V-80 headphones also comes with (2) Kevlar reinforced cables that are built to last for a lifetime. One of the two Kevlar cables also has a Microphone built-in for Cell phone calls.

Sound Quality

The Sound quality of the True Blood V-Moda V-80 headphones is very impressive. The highs were very crisp and the lows were heavy and punchy. The levels of the lows, mids, and highs don’t drown out one another nor did I hear any bleed through of the highs over into the lows or vice-versa. The 40mm drivers were adequate enough to produce deep bass without crazy distortion. Even at high volumes, distortion was basically non-existent. They deliver excellent 3D quality sound all around, with great sound isolation as well. The V-Moda V-80 headphones are definitely in the upper echelon when it comes to the sound department.

Conclusion / Recommended For

When I first heard that HBO’s True Blood Vampire series was teaming up with V-Moda to create a set of headphones, I must admit that I was a bit skeptical. Usually when a TV show gets involved with other forms of entertainment, the consumer is left with a watered-down and expensive product that is more of a novelty than it is a useful item. I am happy to report that I was completely wrong with my initial assumptions. All of my fears have been put to rest as soon as I opened the box and put my hands on the V-Moda V-80’s.

These are truly professional headphones with features that will appease DJ’s, producers, and regular MP3 or Smartphone users who want a high-quality set of headphones that also look really cool and stylish. The V-80’s are built like tanks with a lightweight, steel construction and an Ergonomic Steelflex headband.

The True Blood V-Moda V-80’s have some nice crisp sound quality and good sound isolation as well. In other words, they are worth every bit of the $230 pricetag that they come with. I could only find the following small gripes with the V-80 headphones: they do not have a collapsible or swivel design for DJ's who like those features; the cool metal replaceable faceplates are not included with the initial purchase; and there is no quarter-inch adapter for professional equipment that use the bigger input. Overall, I am very impressed by the style, sound quality, durability, and features of these compact headphones...so much so that I may just have to keep these for myself...(sorry V-Moda!)

The V-Moda V-80 True Blood Headphones are recommended to anyone who loves the True Blood TV show or for anyone who wants a really high quality but compact set of headphones that are built to last with very good sound fidelity.


  • Durable Metal (Steel) Construction
  • Lightweight and Comfortable
  • Professional Sound Quality with Great Sound Isolation
  • Replaceable metal faceplates to change style/color
  • Comes with (2) Detachable/Replaceable Kevlar Cables (one with Mic for Cell phone usage, and one for monitoring)


  • Non-foldable design
  • Replaceable Metal Faceplates not included
  • Quarter-Inch adapter Not Included



True Blood V-Moda V-80 Headphone Unboxing & First Impressions Video

We finally got our hands on a set of the new True Blood V-Moda V-80 Professional Headphones for a complete video review. The complete review will be available shortly after the Atlantic City DJ Expo, but here's a quick teaser video to hold you over until then. Check out our unboxing and first impressions video where you can see the V-80's up close and personal. Be sure to watch (the coolest Vampire show on TV) True Blood every Sunday night at 9PM EST on HBO. Video inside.


V-Moda for True Blood

V-Moda has just announced a rather cool partnership with the super-popular Hit Vampire TV Series, True Blood. Scheduled to launch this summer to coincide with the new season of True Blood, the "V-MODA for True Blood" Headphone collection will feature six models ranging from ear buds to headphones which will be specifically tailored to the TV series. V-Moda states that True Blood fans and music lovers alike will be drawn to the headphones durability, Vampire style, and high quality engineering. I can't wait to test some out for a review.


V-Moda M-80 Headphones Announced

I recently reviewed the new on-the-ear Headphones by V-Moda called the True Blood V-80 Headphones. Now V-Moda is re-releasing the same headphones to the non-True Blood believers called the M-80 Headphones. These headphones are excellent in almost every way and I even kept a set for myself. The pricetag will be $230 (which is the same as the V-80's), but they are worth every penny as they have superior sound quality and they are extremely durable. I won't be getting another set of these headphones as we already reviewed them via full video review, but these are basically the same headphones without all of the True blood product branding. Check out the full press release inside.