Vestax PDX2000 Review



Boasting the fastest pitch adjustment and a high torque motor, the PDX is sure to satisfy a DJ of any genre. Scratch DJ's will especially enjoy the "unskippable" straight tonearm. The PDX2000 also includes a reverse button, key correction and an accurate +/- pitch control fader.

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Staff Review

The most notable feature of the

Vestax PDX-2000 turntable

is its short, straight tonearm.  Although it may look a bit awkward, it makes it extremely difficult to make the needle skip, reguardless of what cartridge you are using.  In addition to the anti-skip tonarm, the PDX-2000 also sports a strong, newly designed DC motor which puts out a torque which rivals that of the SL 1200.  In addition, its start and brake times are extremely fast and the +/- 10 pitch control changes the fastest out of any comparable turntable.  The PDX-2000 also features a reverse button and adjustable start and brake speed for slow starts and finishes.  The construction of the

Vestax PDX-2000 Turntable

should also be noted for its battle-style friendly design and its condensed body which is said to improve acoustic sound.